madaraningen second collection 21 dec 2016

featuring a dismembered trevor brown “fix-me-doll”! – they’ve started taking reservation orders today – details here – i imagine overseas sales are not possible at the moment due to the exclusive nature of the items – pictured: bow-tie shirt (¥32,800), nurse big t (¥7840) and tights (¥4800) – a “sweat”(shirt?) forthcoming…

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360° of tb x nananano 04 nov 2016

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see also the opening party


th and "trecos" 28 oct 2016

found new issue of talking heads, no.68, in the mail box as setting off to span art gallery to set up the exhibition – besides the perfectly timed spread on tb x nano, this “erotic illusion” issue also features kenichi murata and nananano in her own right as photographer

the exhibition looks impressive – many “bonus” works , a display of assorted props and a tastefully arty “trecos – behind the scenes” video – the fun starts 11am tomorrow – a few of my paintings reserved already – opening halloween party 4 to 7pm – a wintry wet and windy day today but tomorrow should be fine, please come!!

trevor brown x 七菜乃 collaboration exhibition

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halloween opening party 27 oct 2016

span art gallery – 4 to 7 o’clock this saturday! – dress up! – the li’l mickey painting being offered as a prize for “best” costume – awarded toward the end of the evening (so stick around if interested) – i’ll also be giving out li’l miss sticky kiss paper dolls (made in 2003 – limited to 999 copies)

play with me! – interactive flash version

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trevor brown × 七菜乃 09 oct 2016

trevor brown x nananano collaboration exhibition at span art gallery – 29 october to 08 november, 2016 – open 11:00 to 19:00 – entry free – closed on wednesday (02 november) - 17:00 closing on last day

opening halloween party 29 october - 16:00 to 19:00 – it’s not a strict dress code but costume is encouraged! – there will be prizes (?) for the best in our (nano and my) opinion

【trevor brown × 七菜乃】トレヴァー・ブラウンの油彩画と、七菜乃によるトレコス(トレヴァー作品コスプレ)写真の異色コラボ展。2016年10月29日(土)~11月8日(火)※11月2日(水)休廊/初日仮装パーティあり trevor brown × 七菜乃

【Opening Halloween party】10月29日(土) 16~19時(コスプレ歓迎・参加フリー)トレヴァー仮装大賞、七菜乃仮装大賞アリ※大賞の方には、それぞれ作家より豪華特典を進呈。

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nananano x trevor brown 12 sep 2016

*** 29 october (sat) to 8 november (tue) ***

dates set for the exhibition at span art gallery – there will be an opening party on 29th october – halloween dress please! – anyone not in costume will be obliged to purchase badges, and wear them!

all going well, there should be 11 works in the exhibition – 11 tb paintings and 11 nananano cosplay interpretations (i.e.22 total) – 10 new paintings and one old one – one additional collaboration work set aside for an exhibition at parabolica-bis early next year – all new works (paintings and photographs) are still under wraps at the moment – but many outtake photos have been revealed (search the #トレコス tag on instagram)

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yaso skull exhibition : kyoto 29 apr 2016

the yaso skull exhibition at parabolica-bis ends 8 may – after that it will be travelling on to… well, i’m pretty sure they just stuck a pin in a map of japan – it appears to be a lunchroom in a remote spot, half way up a mountain(?), somewhere near kyoto – 13 may to 6 june

会期:2016 年 5月13日[金]~ 6月6日[月]
京都市山科区安朱稲荷山町6 TEL:075-501-1989

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urbangarde x trevor brown x 9.acryl closet 15 apr 2016

limited hand printed and dyed t-shirts and scarves – info here

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editions treville artworks 09 apr 2016

my original art now officially available via the editions treville website – along with work by other editions treville artists: etsuko miura and hr giger – i imagine this section will expand in time with more works and other artists – any enquiries are welcome

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yaso skull exhibition 24 mar 2016

group show at parabolica-bis with lots of big names, and me – i have two paintings in this: teddy bear operation and still anatomically incorrect – 01 april to 08 may – ¥500 entrance

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th extrArt file.08 23 mar 2016

new issue of th extrart has a six page feature on nananano’s “trevor cos”; the alice in hollowland works – also featured in this issue is hajime kinoko (red works), kaoru mori, mai tamagawa, yuko fukuse, brandi milne, hinaduki yoruno, hiroyuki takei, ryu kimura, momoko peach …and more

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nananano cos works #09 09 feb 2016

nananano amazes once again

this is one of the three works for the alice in hollowland exhibition – the original photos are printed on block mounted canvases the same size as my paintings – color-matched to obsessive perfection (unlike these jpegs)

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alice in hollowland 07 feb 2016

a group show at vanilla gallery with hanamushi, genk, shichigoro, nekoshowgun, machigerita, nananano and me – i have six paintings in this, old’n'new – three of which nananano has made cosplay photos of

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worst record cover of the year! 30 dec 2015

top of the list is consumer electronics “dollhouse songs” 12 inch vinyl packaged in “the most heinous, vile, terrible, awful, rubbish record cover” by trevor brown – well, this is according to “josh” on vice magazine – who knows what he’s talking about (he had a subscription to art review once) – he wouldn’t be so stupid as to include a 2012 venetian snares release in this list would he? – would he?!

still awaiting my own copy – not that i have a record player to play it (i should probably be thankful) – but it’s that time of the year for silly lists – and by next year, next week, this will be old already – actually, a cd version will be forthcoming next year i’m told…

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sanseido last day 29 dec 2015

another book-signing survived! – of course most people were queuing for temma – he is very personable and spent 10 minutes quality time talking with every customer – me and etsuko mostly sat twiddling our pens – in fact we were all scribbling in each other’s books regardless! – and i sold a painting (on xmas day) so i could be happy – lighting a bit harsh, photos all overexposed : /

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christmas mini-exhibition 24 dec 2015

a special trevor brown and etsuko miura bookstore event at sanseido in ikebukuro (tokyo) – i have three pandora paintings on show (“zombie”, “goodnight” and “peroxide”) – the exhibition runs for just five days from 24th to 28th december – on the 28th i must suffer again a book-signing – etsuko and i will be joined on this date by temma of urbangarde signing his new book

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pandora posters, squeee! 20 dec 2015

two designs picked by popularity from a poll of 8 designs posted on my facebook a few weeks ago – “child of satan, child of god” (above) the clear leader in fact, to my surprise (satanism is a popular thing nowadays i’m told, at least among facebook folk) – and shocked to see my own favourite contender, “anatomia”, almost bottom in the voting (pie chart below) – oh well, give the public what they want…

50 of each design printed – A2 size (420 x 594mm) – numbered and signed – to be sold almost exclusively via akatako – i’m keeping aside 15 copies of “appleheart” for sale in japan – pre-orders will open very shortly

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urbangarde showa 90 10 dec 2015

new urbangarde cd has at last hit the streets – this is the regular edition, there’s also a limited version including a dvd but without the tb cover

and the obligatory goods include t-shirts, i-phone cases and big badges – don’t ask me how to get hold of these things (i know the i-phone cases are in high demand), i think only available at urbangarde tour venues… – the cd itself should be widely available

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exhibition end 16 nov 2015

a photo album added to flickr

and more photos on the facebook event page

the books pandora and reincarnation are already available from timeless in europe and akatako in america – officially released on 24th november in japan – amazon link – or directly from the publisher here (special edition still available)

usual thank yous to everyone who came and bunkamura staff

interested overseas parties are welcome to rummage thru the remains of original paintings – please buy the book and send me inquiries

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the book-signing 15 nov 2015

a big turn-out for yesterday’s book-signing despite the rain – and in fact overall a well-attended and highly-spoken of exhibition – a slightly increased proportion of males this time (ironically temma writes about my increasingly predominant female following in pandora) – etsuko and myself were in competition as to who could make the most mistakes in signing books and writing in recipients names – she won! – thank you to everyone who came (and i’ll single out akaneko again for her customary bag of nurse toys – she knows how to please me) – the real highlight and the centre of attention at the book-signing was actually an amazing cosplay of etsuko’s “violin usagi” by saori (aka kick) – uber-kawaii!

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exhibition start 07 nov 2015

no opening party but etsuko and myself were there in the evening – i got to meet ryo yoshida, taga shin and makiko sugawa for the first time – but i was struggling without my wife (she was busy with setting up her own exhibition that starts tomorrow) – signed lots of books and christened my new rubber stamp – practice for the official etsuko and trevor book-signing event on the 14th

i haven’t taken any photos myself yet but it seems that visitors are permitted to take three photos (by permission?) – so many photos are starting to appear on twitter that will inevitably thoroughly document the exhibition – probably spoilers really for those intending to go? – there’s just one painting in the exhibition which isn’t in the book: “salome” (i want to see nananano cosplay!)

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trevor new book 07 nov 2015

standard and silver finish special “exhibition edition” of “pandora” side by side – miniature book comes free with the special edition – book title is embossed and laminated – contents are the same for both editions – parcels are on their way to timeless in europe and akatako in america

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th #64 29 oct 2015

new issue of talking heads graced by an etsuko miura cover, and much more inside – there’s also a bit on me – lots of nice advertising for the upcoming etsuko miura / trevor brown exhibition!

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jisatsushatachi 23 oct 2015

“selfie people” (?), a book of assorted writings (fiction, prose, poetry, commentary…) by temma matsunaga of urbangarde with my “i-nazi” gracing the cover – i want to read! – sadly it’s all in japanese – available on the japan amazon if you want to buy it just for the cover

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urbangarde showa 90 20 oct 2015

new urbangarde cd cover revealed – an envisaging of an apocalyptic alternate timeline in which the japanese showa era continued today (emperor showa died in 1989) – a typically awkward temma matsunaga idea to illustrate – usually i avoid commissions! – but gasmasks and polkadots top of the list the image had to include (i’m okay with that) – and i came up with the destroyed diet building (home of the japanese government) idea which i liked – unfortunately when submitted to urbangarde my pencil rough was not liked and rejected! – i decided i’d do the painting regardless – and when they saw the finished painting they loved it!

the cd coming out in two versions (regular and limited?), with different covers, but i was completely burnt out just doing one painting – in fact it’s my sixth urbangarde painting?! – coming up with yet another mind-blowing idea proved beyond me – tho i think the urbangarde logo “black-eye” image not so bad…

the cover painting thoughtfully designed to be folded so that the potentially contentious bit was hidden – but urbangarde actually enlarged that area to use for the “new album” announcement!

the cd comes out in december

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exhibition post card 13 oct 2015

exhibition post cards arrive

the exhibition will have all 27 paintings from the book – plus, with luck, a couple more paintings i’m currently doing (“salome” and “pandora”)

bunkamura gallery november 06 to 15

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pandora 12 oct 2015

book layout and design now completed – barring a few corrections, it’s more-or-less ready to go to press i think – “pandora” settled on as the title – such a huge struggle, usually i have the title first! – “baptism” was an alternative choice as it went well with “reincarnation”, the title of etsuko miura’s companion book – it’s up on the japan amazon for pre-order, at the moment, under the provisional title of “st. anatomia’s girls’ school” (haha!)

originally envisaged as an exhibition catalogue with both etsuko and my works, but now seems they have become two completely separate books(?) – “pandora” is however subtitled “a tribute to etsuko miura” – to widely varying degrees really but basically meaning works are a bit more kowai than kawaii this time! – the above painting the most directly “inspired” (ie. directly stolen etsuko motifs!) – it contains 27 new paintings, plus 6 “bonus” paintings (3 urbangarde and 3 unpublished) and a photo of etsuko’s “trevor-chan” doll (inspired by one of my paintings) – also nice “homage” texts by temma matsunaga and yoko hamasaki (re the glaring-back anti-moe stance of trevor brown girls)

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trevor brown + etsuko miura 17 sept 2015

06 ~ 15 november, 2015

exhibition info is now up on the bunkamura website (japanese only) - and a book/catalogue is now in preparation, tho it is still without a title - my idea was "noire nursery" but apparently the word "nursery" isn't understood by japanese? - 26 new paintings for the book, maybe a few more for the exhibition - my paintings mostly inspired by etsuko's dolls - a book signing event set for 14 november

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complete cos 14 july 2015

i finally have my own copy! – and sharing (imperfect) scans of it here

as mentioned, we wish to expand this collaboration, hopefully into an exhibition next year – my role in “cos” was easy-peasy – merely agreeing to it, offering a suggestion on presentation, and sending data files – but an exhibition will be a much bigger undertaking, potentially difficult (painting things actually possible to be cos-played! – and painting girls with boobs?!, haha!) – kinda ironic that many artists use models to pose for them and copy the photographs for paintings, whereas i’ll be doing the paintings first which the model then copies for photographs (“fuk da system”!) – hopefully it’ll work out anyway – the cg artist has apparently already enthusiastically signed up for the slave labour – such is the endearing charm of nananano and our love for her

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the styx 26 june 2015

flier for a freaks circus and friends exhibition at vanilla gallery – i have three paintings in this

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trevor x nananano 25 june 2015

first glimpses of the trevor brown cosplay project of the model nananano - these are being produced for sale at fetifes (a fetish festival) next month - i believe being sold as a slim booklet and photo post cards(?) - eight images have been done: “bloodsucker”, “seppuku”, “amputee” (from “my alphabet”), “twin stars” (from “medical fun”), and four “fix-me-doll” nurse images - all highly faithful to my original pictures - nananano is a self-confessed “big fan” but i worry slightly her own fans may be less enthusiastic - the images are of a lot more interest to trevor brown fans?! - anyway, as the images have somewhat exceeded our expectations (the above two in particular - and much credit to the digital retoucher) maybe this “collaboration” won’t stop here…

uploaded a comprehensive album of previous trevor tributes to flickr

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