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today went to the stéphane blanquet exhibition, at span art gallery, running (deiberately) simultaneously with my exhibition – we’re both doing book-signings in our respective galleries on the same day too (this saturday) – so, ironically, it seemed like bad planning, giving us little opportunity to meet – but, by good fortune, he arrived at the gallery soon after me : )

the show is really impressive – unlike myself, stéphane is a work-a-holic – two hours before due to catch his flight to tokyo he was still working on another canvas for the exhibition – i asked if he could sign a book (amongst the bagful i bought) and unexpectedly he spent the next 15 minutes or so making an elaborate drawing for me : D

i also got to meet yotsuya simon, famous japanese doll artist and teacher, who was popping into the gallery on business

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stéphane blanquet

what should we see in your drawings?

There’s a little invisible door in every drawing.
A door that opens and leads to a long more or less well-lit corridor.
There are other doors in the corridor.
A door that leads toward the grotesque, a door that squeaks, a closed door, a deadpan door, a lightly painted door, a door with a gaping lock, a door with a viscous and slippery knob, a door that doesn’t open well, a badly adjusted door… and many other openings.
Every reader opens this door unconsciously, enters the corridor and selects the door of his choice.

also in the package from france containing stu mead’s private zone was a copy of “monographie lacrymale” by another physically disabled artist: monsieur stéphane blanquet – a retrospective overview book i waited until was officially sold out before deciding i want a copy (thankfully it can still be found) – french of course but includes english translations of the essays – i love his stuff – check out his animations on youtube – i’m happy to learn he has an exhibition in tokyo next april (at the perspicacious span art gallery – where else?!)

la révolution triste

paintings of les petites filles par loulou picasso – big 30x40cm 32 page book printed on heavyweight stock in two colors – no doubt available from timeless (see below) or direct from publisher stéphane blanquet

assorted shopping

urgh, not another daikichi amano post on the baby art blog? – but this is it – the (ethically immoral) long-awaited photobook – and it’s bee-you-tifull – another big pretty picture book to casually leave on the coffee table to charm (or disgust) your visitors – published by bongout

“les réanimations” par blanquet et olive – i’ve had an illegally downloaded avi version of much of this but i’m happy to finally buy myself an official copy – it’s a very nice package including a comicbook – and a gratifying magnetic flap holding it together i take a curious innocent delight in (simple things please simple minds)

a long time since a tb nurse collection update – but i don’t think i’ve bought or found any for nearly a year – this past week however a few new additions: (1) misa misa, of death note – didn’t know this until informed later, despite being a fan of the manga and misa misa particularly – (2) nurse kiriko, of godzilla vs megaguirus (2000) – again no idea what this was when buying it – a poor selling figure apparently – unsurprising as she’s really “busu” – but ugly is okay with me – came as a set with an airpilot (i threw him away) – (3) nurse bunny kinbaku strap!

comix fix overdose

le dernier cri day five (the penultimate) – despite all this excessive promotion, i’m not on the ldc payroll! – pakito did ask once if they could do a small trevor brown publication – i’d have liked to have done a line drawing silkscreened book but he was much more interested in my paintings and offset printing – anyway…

….”toxique” by tomahawk! – approx 12 x 16cm x 24 pages concertina folded – each page is an individual drawing in itself – but also merely a section of one ten foot long (?) continuous complete drawing – great scraperboard art – just 200 copies of this little silkscreen beauty printed – but you can view the entire work on the artist’s website here

more manga mutt mutterings (‘cept these ain’t manga):

  • chris ware – acme novelty library 20
    superbly designed, neat concept, but miserably desperately boring – style over substance – it’s like a joke you don’t get – for me anyway, i’m obviously missing something important here? – usually i love chris ware books
  • alex robinson – box office poison
    looks a bit dull and daunting when flipping thru it – but it’s so well written you quickly become engrossed in the ordinary lives of the characters – it’s as great as everyone says it is – 600 pages fly by
  • yuuki yugo / yoshiaki tabata – wolf guy
    this one IS manga – just started on it – highly generic typical “seinen” stuff but i can enjoy it (guiltily?) – the artist draws cute females
  • jacques tardi – adele blanc-sec book 1
    top of the heap to be read next – but i can already say it’s great, i love it (i’ve previously read serialised versions of these stories, incompletely) – i’m v happy fantagraphics are persevering with these tardi books – two more different titles lined up for next year
  • stéphane blanquet – toys in the basement
    another yay for fantagraphics translating blanquet – this is a sort of children’s book
  • rick geary – the terrible axe-man of new orleans
    i have all his “treasury of victorian murder” books – this is the latest – idiosyncratic but always well researched – kinda off the radar in the comix world? – love how he always includes maps and cut-away drawings of houses (scene of crimes)