a “new” nurse (above) for my collection – my collection within a collection of nurse witch komugi (below)

kinoko hajime

unlikely for viewers of this blog, but this is for anyone with any doubts that shibari (japanese rope bondage) is not art – a new artist to me i’m ashamed to say, thank you to the matchstick thin model nana7nano for introducing me – he’s previously been featured by vice – and probably all over tumblr – but i’m an old fogey that doesn’t follow such things – impressive and beautiful work anyway – web site here

vanilla shopping

went to check out my work at vanilla gallery – well, not mine especially, i’ve seen them already – i just check to see if they have sold stickers or not hung upside down or something – but there is plenty more interesting things to see by other artists – it’s a good exhibition – and seemed to be very well attended – one week left to run

lots of trevor brown books in the gallery shop – natalie shau’s new book too expensive for me but i finally bought tama’s latest collection (her fifth?) and a book of the dolls of “freaks circus” published by the gallery – very nicely produced, pages are japanese postcard thick – all these things signed

trevor brown x urbangarde clear files

now available from span art gallery here, along with the t-shirts – the two clear file designs come packaged together with a post card, and priced ¥756 (incl. tax)

my two previous “girls war” clear files are available from akatako – “will fit standard A2 sheets perfectly!” she claims! – it’s a typo, she means A4 of course


“atrocity beauty exhibition” at vanilla gallery (ginza, tokyo) 3 to 15 november – i have 3 paintings in this exhibition, two from 女の子戦争 (“girls war”) and one new – other artists include hajime sorayama, suehiro maruo, shintaro kago, hiroaki samura, gaku azuma… – ¥500 entrance