pandora’s key

new kenichi murata book (signed copy purchased at span) published by atelier third – B5 size – entirely nana7nano (is that really her name?) and untinted photos

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etsuko miura at span art gallery

opening day today – i went a little too early to meet her but in time to buy up everything before anyone else – ha, i wish!!! – i’d love the doll on the post card, made for the film bilocation – her work is getting ever more darker and frightening, but also cuter – the book, eucharist, just out but i didn’t buy this either – the display copies had quite badly warped covers : / – there’s also a limited edition of 50 with handmade moulded covers (pic below) – i should get a complimentary copy of one or other of these (i hope the latter!) as the book does include a trevor brown homage painting (pic below)

fix-me-doll homage

by miseryking, just found on flickr

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parabolica-bis photo set

added to my flickr

temma x konno

temma matsunaga

a capacity crowd (40 seats) for the talk show event at my drawing book exhibition yesterday – a discussion of trevor brown between temma matsunaga of urbangarde and yuichi konno of studio parabolica (yaso magazine) – i wasn’t there (i don’t talk!) and actually unsure whether it’s something i’d have liked to sit in on or prefer to know nothing about? – my wife did attend but wasn’t quizzed for gossip tidbits re the real trevor brown, and avoided intervention – so i remain a mystery and it was mainly thoughts on what makes trevor special and different from any other artist (i can’t draw, haha!) and speculative hypothesis (my “survivalist” painting of a knife wielding girl and her collection of severed pickled penises causing much consternation) – at one point, on the topic of “art is freedom” (and in a moment of excess exuberance?), temma suggested it would be okay for an artist to kill in the name of art – gasps from the audience! – [and of course, art is no longer freedom anyway with various countries now decreeing what can and cannot be drawn] – but despite that slip, temma is a clever man with deep knowledge

yesterday i went instead to deliver art to span art gallery and then to see moira at jimbocho gallery – her exhibition running concurrent with mine – sad to miss tama murata who’ll be going today but did happily get to meet “nana7nano” (? 七菜乃 ?), another of kenichi murata’s models, who also has an exhibition at the same gallery next month – …today is my first book-signing “event” day at parabolica-bis