midori hayashi – dream child

i was an early bird, again, at the midori hayashi doll exhibition at parabolica-bis – and, again, if i had the space to keep them i’d be buying them all before anyone else got a chance (her work is shockingly “cheap”) – did buy her book at least, published, inevitably, by atelier third (etsuko, tari, midori… a glut of kawaiiguro doll books lately!) – her blog here

tari nakagawa – costa d’eva

out today! – published by studio parabolica – five years on from her previous book(let) collection – a similar softcover A5 size book but feels slightly more gorgeous – the first real tari nakagawa book – comes in signed and unsigned flavours (same price) and limited edition with three etchings – details

i’m on facebook!

i’m a number!: 100003823853985

actually, i made the account back in 2012 when some idiot made a fake account pretending to be me and i wanted to eliminate him/her – an official trevor brown fan page was summarily created by katie/akatako – but i never used my own account again – but today i’ve revived it – not entirely sure why!

well, the reason is i’m having email trouble – hotmail asked me to verify my email account with a security code (“Call us over protective, but we want to make sure you can recover your account”) – as far as i know, i’ve never made or been given one – so i clicked the links to make a new one – big mistake! – my account blocked and i’m told i must wait 30 days before i can access it again to “change” this security info – thank you microsoft! – so much for protecting my account from being lost! – all attempts to recover my account involved answering mail sent to an alternative secondary email – but my secondary email no longer exists! – screwed! – i’ve now made a new gmail account – but after trying various password reset request things suddenly i could access my hotmail inbox again! – yay! – but it seems the 30 day block is still in place to make a security code or change any setting – i can at least send and receive mail – at the moment! – how long this fluke access will last is very doubtful…

so, anyway, i made the facebook account as everyone is on facebook and everyone uses facebook for contacting other people – no one uses email nowadays? (no one ever writes to me anyway!)

follow me ; P

pandora’s key

new kenichi murata book (signed copy purchased at span) published by atelier third – B5 size – entirely nana7nano (is that really her name?) and untinted photos

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etsuko miura at span art gallery


opening day today – i went a little too early to meet her but in time to buy up everything before anyone else – ha, i wish!!! – i’d love the doll on the post card, made for the film bilocation – her work is getting ever more darker and frightening, but also cuter – the book, eucharist, just out but i didn’t buy this either – the display copies had quite badly warped covers : / – there’s also a limited edition of 50 with handmade moulded covers (pic below) – i should get a complimentary copy of one or other of these (i hope the latter!) as the book does include a trevor brown homage painting (pic below)