japanese erotica in contemporary art

fifty artists, 320 pages, published by pie books (the american amazon link doesn’t appear to be available, yet?) – aimed slightly toward female “readers” (more girlish, less explicit) – “underground art” screams the obi strip – i’m not so sure about that – almost all the artists here are well-established – (and even as the epitome of underground art myself, i’m not exactly sure what it is – unpopular?) – i’m the only non-japanese artist – and almost not included as the book being distributed in america – but, in the end, all the works they got cold feet about have been printed it appears


“a girl’s statement of new century” exhibition at bunkamura gallery – october 8 to 15 – a group show with 20 artists, also involving urbangarde and ali project – i did three new paintings – one of which is a new skull illusion painting, so my previous “teddy bear operation” will also be displayed – trevor brown x urbangarde t-shirts, clear files and post cards are being produced for the exhibition


a new quarterly japanese art magazine, second issue in fact, published by atelier third – similar to “th magazine” except mostly images, mostly colour, a bit slimmer (112 pages) and a bit cheaper (1200yen)


living statue artist, ashton ka, performing as “develicious” inspired by my “domestic violence” painting from “li’l miss sticky kiss” – she’s a “huge fan” of my work (under the white paint she’s covered in trevor brown tattoos!) – and a talented street performer so i felt honoured when she asked if she could do this, and now seeing her interpretation – she describes develicious as “…a sweet little girl, expressing the sweet devil side of her own character in a good sweet way…”

a short but, yes, sweet youtube clip here – check the other clips of her previous characters too

“a empty room, kinbaku girls, and red ropes”

a new photo book by keiichiro nakashima just out – love this photographer and this is a collection of his rope bondage photos, great! – or, a little short of great actually, i have to say the print and paper quality is a little poor – it’s a shame as the work deserves a lot better – but apart from that, no other disappointments – it’s 128 pages and full colour full page (A5) photos throughout and no text – the lolita-ish models are great and the rope work quite inspired and atypical (…traditional kinbaku purists may not approve?)

keiichiro nakashima tumblr