keizo miyanishi

an exhibition of keizo miyanishi work now showing at the hakusen gallery in my home town of asagaya (tokyo) – altho they show a lot of manga type stuff this is my first visit to the gallery – they’re located in a small side street just yards from the main shopping thoroughfare – i’ve walked past hundreds of times blindly unaware! – …and i think many people who’d be interested are also blindly unaware of keizo miyanishi’s art – so i’m attempting to rectify that with a little gallery of scans here – a distinctive cross between maruo and bellmer?!

my collection of keizo miyanishi manga – he was most productive in the eighties – very little new art since, he’s now more active as a musician – “esther” perhaps the most recommended book (and most possible to actually be able to find?)

flesh and excess

a couple of my works in jack sargeant’s new book on underground film published by amok books – old nineties artworks, which makes sense as i was very much a part of underground culture back then – but now no longer operate in that milieu (to use a very jack seargent-esque word) – i no longer fit anywhere?! – just a paragraph about me in the text as it shifts from jg ballard to romain slocombe to industrial culture (tg/spk) to rudolph swarzkogler… in a medical themed chapter

yaso skull exhibition

went to check out the yaso skull exhibition at parabolica-bis – it’s good – amused to eardrop on fellow visitors – a girl exclaiming “kawaii kawaii” and her totally unimpressed bored-sick boyfriend grumbling “kawaikunai” – pretty typical, only girls are interested in art – what are japanese boys into nowadays, i dunno – maybe the answer lies in the adjacent neighbourhood akihabara (where they can be found in abundance slobbering over silly anime) – a shintaro kago exhibition now showing simultaneously at parabolica – tho i don’t feel excited about his work as much as i used to – the same exploding head idea is getting tiresome…

trevor brown things