trevor x nananano

first glimpses of the trevor brown cosplay project of the model nananano – these are being produced for sale at fetifes (a fetish festival) next month – i believe being sold as a slim booklet and photo post cards(?) – eight images have been done: “bloodsucker”, “seppuku”, “amputee” (from “my alphabet”), “twin stars” (from “medical fun”), and four “fix-me-doll” nurse images – all highly faithful to my original pictures – nananano is a self-confessed “big fan” but i worry slightly her own fans may be less enthusiastic – the images are of a lot more interest to trevor brown fans?! – anyway, as the images have somewhat exceeded our expectations (the above two in particular – and much credit to the digital retoucher) maybe this “collaboration” won’t stop here…

uploaded a comprehensive album of previous trevor tributes to flickr

behind the scenes nananano pix:

risa doll first style book

a trevor brown fan! – or maybe an ex-trevor brown fan now that she’s grown up and become a lot more famous (i remember when she had like “only” 5k twitter followers, she’s now fast approaching 150k as i write) – i am still her fan, however, and have long awaited a risadoll photobook – and here it is, almost! – this is in fact half a photobook and half a make-up tips (etc) book – but despite being quite girly-girl quite a number of the photos are borderline “fan-service” – so shouldn’t really disappoint anyone – wonder how long to wait now for her “first nude” photobook?, haha! : )

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let’s look at…

…some new art books from timeless editions

mad meg – 30x40cm, 32 pages – insane cross-hatching – those lines of “shading” on the tablecloth below are actually lines of handwritten text! – mad meg website

pink is evil / evil is pink by ciou and malojo – 30x40cm, 32 pages – two artists in a back to back lowbrow art confrontation – ciou websitemolojo website

problem and solution by aleksandra waliszewska – A4 clothbound books, one portrait one landscape, 200 pages each – somewhat disturbing art – first edition of these sold out almost immediately, probably due in no small part to a preface by david tibet? – second edition is apparently bigger’n'better (middle finger to those tibet fans who rushed in to buy the first edition, heheh!) – aleksandra waliszewska tumblr

genki things

package in the post of assorted gifts left with span art gallery during my recent “trajectory [or tragedy?!] of trevor brown” exhibition – thank you loud grape and freaks circus – and especial thanks for the bagful of goodies from genk (sic) aka sweetrubberberry – besides terada katsuya, i think i can detect a trevor brown influence in his works? (…which is cool!)

a sort of low key exhibition – but provided an opportunity to meet up with the model nananano – a fan of my work – tho, needless to say, the idolisation goes both ways – i brought a copy of lilith in the mirror for her to sign – she was playfully reluctant to do so as not her book she feels – we didn’t talk much actually (mutual friend dollhouse noah was acting as interpreter) but nevertheless still managed to “bond” a little – as we parted ways she squealed down the street “kawaii!” after me – huh?! – acutely embarrassing but (dubiously) flattering?


new 5 track urbangarde cd released for their spring tour – two versions with different tb covers and one track different

the cd:

the badge (10cm big):

the i-phone case (old and new size):

the clear file (A4):

the t-shirts (tour dates on back):

besides venues on their tour i don’t yet know where these things are being sold…

ps: just heard these items are exclusively only available at venues and currently no online sales (“so far”)…