fix-me-doll homage

by miseryking, just found on flickr

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parabolica-bis photo set

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temma x konno

temma matsunaga

a capacity crowd (40 seats) for the talk show event at my drawing book exhibition yesterday – a discussion of trevor brown between temma matsunaga of urbangarde and yuichi konno of studio parabolica (yaso magazine) – i wasn’t there (i don’t talk!) and actually unsure whether it’s something i’d have liked to sit in on or prefer to know nothing about? – my wife did attend but wasn’t quizzed for gossip tidbits re the real trevor brown, and avoided intervention – so i remain a mystery and it was mainly thoughts on what makes trevor special and different from any other artist (i can’t draw, haha!) and speculative hypothesis (my “survivalist” painting of a knife wielding girl and her collection of severed pickled penises causing much consternation) – at one point, on the topic of “art is freedom” (and in a moment of excess exuberance?), temma suggested it would be okay for an artist to kill in the name of art – gasps from the audience! – [and of course, art is no longer freedom anyway with various countries now decreeing what can and cannot be drawn] – but despite that slip, temma is a clever man with deep knowledge

yesterday i went instead to deliver art to span art gallery and then to see moira at jimbocho gallery – her exhibition running concurrent with mine – sad to miss tama murata who’ll be going today but did happily get to meet “nana7nano” (? 七菜乃 ?), another of kenichi murata’s models, who also has an exhibition at the same gallery next month – …today is my first book-signing “event” day at parabolica-bis



i have a four page feature in the current issue of tattoofest, a glossy full colour tattoo magazine from poland – a translated interview in their “inspiration” section (even my name gets translated to “trevora browna” in the introduction) – question nine: “Would you like to add something?” – “i don’t like doing interviews!” – the only interesting thing revealed here is that chocolate makes me sneeze – and my “studio” overlooks a korean school playground full of little pigtailed girls

奇想の少女 或いは少年




少年少女, アート作品


東逸子 宇野亜喜良 北見隆 甲秀樹 建石修志

トレヴァー・ブラウン 花輪和一 丸尾末広 山本タカト


11:00~19:00 (最終日17:00まで)

i have five mini-paintings in this group exhibition at span art gallery next week – the original idea was five works by each artist, post card size or smallest frame size (14 x 18cm), which the gallery would buy outright upfront for a fixed sum – sounded good to me (even tho i don’t like working at such a small size) – but apparently some of the artists were unhappy about this (!) so the idea abandoned – it seems the theme of the exhibition may have also changed – i think it translates as “extraordinary boy or girl”? – whatever, i’m still going along with the original idea – two old works and three new works (doing them right now)