loud grape

the customised drum set of j-rock band loud grape:

this is the image wrapped around the drums:

and this was the drum set from his previous band lolita 23 q:

posters pre-order

new posters of 20 year old images! – A2 size – being made for my trajectory of trevor brown exhibition next week – now available for pre-order from span art gallery and akatako

ex libris atelier third

new additions to the (B5) th art library of atelier third – “lilith in the mirror” by kenichi murata i found in my post box today – happy happy! – as with the previous pandora’s key, again it features miss nananano solely – and a stronger collection i think

kenichi murata exhibition of the same name at jimbocho gallery – 5月29日(金)~ 6月14日(日)

“pollen of the rocaille” by toru nishimaki – bought a while ago actually but i neglected to blog – uniquely perverse pencil(?) drawings – another artist fondly remembered from the good old days of “sm sniper” and “scatoro” magazines


i have a small exhibition at span art gallery next month – old, “rare” and x-rated work – six airbrush, six colour pencil, one black’n'white and one “not for sale” new work from my forthcoming exhibition with etsuko miura (this november) – etsuko will also present a few dolls at this retro-tb exhibition


a trevor brown / hippie coco collaboration – a kit “doll” similar to last year’s gaikotsu-chan – only ten produced, by cheap silkscreen, and they sold instantly – these designs, and two others (below), were actually going to be professionally published but sadly (and as usual) that never happened…