yaso : urbangarde issue

yaso magazine down to A5 size and not quite as visual as it used to be, tho this issue not too bad (because it’s got ME in it?!) – 200 pages of everything you ever wanted to know about urbangarde – interviews a’plenty, mika ninagawa, makoto aida, relatively small art section that includes two new trevor brown paintings (besides a 6 page article on me), song lyrics, video run down, yoko-tan’s stage costumes etc etc – a bible for fans – japanese text only

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urbangarde exhibition at parabolica-bis – 11 july to 31 august 2014
urbangarde exhibition at bunkamura – october 2014
etsuko miura x trevor brown at span art gallery – january 2015 (?)
etsuko miura x trevor brown at bunkamura – november 2015

info for the parabolica-bis exhibition here – a number of talk show events etc – and a new issue of yaso to coincide with the exhibition (which also coincides with an urbangarde tour) – two new trevor brown paintings in the book – uncertain at the moment what’ll be in the exhibition – the urbangarde exhibition at bunkamura gallery is a completely separate thing for which i’ve also done two new paintings (so one of these may be shown at parabolica-bis?)

etsuko x trevor at bunkamura gallery is a long way off (we both need time to get work done!) but there may be a smaller preview exhibition at span art gallery at the beginning of next year – i have in fact done several paintings already, which are sort of inspired by etsuko’s dolls

nicoletta ceccoli

new nicoletta ceccoli book: “daydreams” – and finally bought her elusive first book: “beautiful nightmares”

did she steal the rabbit holes idea from me? – i’d be flattered and happy if she did – as it’d give me licence to steal her ideas, haha! – actually it was my wife’s idea – and she stole it from somewhere!

midori hayashi – dream child

i was an early bird, again, at the midori hayashi doll exhibition at parabolica-bis – and, again, if i had the space to keep them i’d be buying them all before anyone else got a chance (her work is shockingly “cheap”) – did buy her book at least, published, inevitably, by atelier third (etsuko, tari, midori… a glut of kawaiiguro doll books lately!) – her blog here

tari nakagawa – costa d’eva

out today! – published by studio parabolica – five years on from her previous book(let) collection – a similar softcover A5 size book but feels slightly more gorgeous – the first real tari nakagawa book – comes in signed and unsigned flavours (same price) and limited edition with three etchings – details