the book-signing

a big turn-out for yesterday’s book-signing despite the rain – and in fact overall a well-attended and highly-spoken of exhibition – a slightly increased proportion of males this time (ironically temma writes about my increasingly predominant female following in pandora) – etsuko and myself were in competition as to who could make the most mistakes in signing books and writing in recipients names – she won! – thank you to everyone who came (and i’ll single out akaneko again for her customary bag of nurse toys – she knows how to please me) – the real highlight and the centre of attention at the book-signing was actually an amazing cosplay of etsuko’s “violin usagi” by saori (aka kick) – uber-kawaii!

nananano new books

A4 hardback book of photos by ryosuke handa – displays well the beauty of nananano – interesting setting and attire – an idol book, tho i doubt she really wants to be referred to as such : ) – amazon link

“nana nano diary”
A5 softcover book of photos by nananano – mostly taken by a mobile phone rigged to a camera on timer? – and “diary” photos for her blog/instagram/twitter (…facebook promptly delete any account she makes!) – unabashed but also coy and teasing, the nananano charm – amazon link

“nananano – photos by dollhouse noah”
A5 32 page home-made booklet by nano’s close friend doll artist dollhouse noah – edition of 100 – probably inspired by the nananano trevor “cos” booklet but much better quality!

insomnia and inspiration

altho i was kinda impatient to see this hajime kinoko / nananano bondage dvd, “insomnia bondage”, i’ve been slow laying my hands on a copy – in the end nano promised me a copy and gave me at my exhibition opening (along with her new books, i’ll save for another blog) – the two hour dvd split into six vignettes: abandoned factory (nananano winched up ten feet above the ground), bamboo forest in black’n'white, schoolgirl “rape”, white room / red rope (my favourite section but judging by nano’s pained expressions i suspect her least favourite!), abandoned house and sprawling around in mud – sections interspersed by a bandaged and bondaged nano being carted around in a wheelchair – all highly “aesthetic” and artistic – tho perhaps hard to recommend for the casual viewer, shibari fans should be delighted

i’m a big fan of hajime kinoko and made a painting inspired by his art after attending his red exhibition – photo below of the man himself at my exhibition – returning the favour(?), he says he feels inspired by my art to want to make a trevor shibari work!

my painting also inspired by the photo of a twitter friend posted around the same time as “red” – my work quite often comes together like this, two different ideas/things clashed together

interestingly, kinoko-san’s art for the cd cover of a “decora” pop band last month has almost identical face bondage – totally coincidental (we hadn’t, couldn’t have, seen each others work) – i was actually fearing accusations of ripping off madonna’s “rebel heart” cd cover, which i hadn’t seen till after starting my painting…

finally a new work by hajime kinoko – one of a series of three photos in fact – model is nananano

hippie coco 妖精会議 

nananano at the mrs trevor brown exhibition at parabolica-bis today : )

the tree below is my favourite

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exhibition start!

no opening party but etsuko and myself were there in the evening – i got to meet ryo yoshida, taga shin and makiko sugawa for the first time – but i was struggling without my wife (she was busy with setting up her own exhibition that starts tomorrow) – signed lots of books and christened my new rubber stamp – practice for the official etsuko and trevor book-signing event on the 14th

i haven’t taken any photos myself yet but it seems that visitors are permitted to take three photos (by permission?) – so many photos are starting to appear on twitter that will inevitably thoroughly document the exhibition – probably spoilers really for those intending to go? – there’s just one painting in the exhibition which isn’t in the book: “salome” (i want to see nananano cosplay!)