“selfie people” (?), a book of assorted writings (fiction, prose, poetry, commentary…) by temma matsunaga of urbangarde with my “i-nazi” gracing the cover – i want to read! – sadly it’s all in japanese – available on the japan amazon if you want to buy it just for the cover


this photo has just cropped up on facebook (a few weeks ago in fact, i don’t always notice what i’m tagged with) – she was a russian fan of my work circa 2000 – we used to swap many letters – i think she was more flirtatious than me (!), and very witty – she’d also send me many photos – i painted a brutalised portrait of her – and she ended up on the cover of a venetian snares cd

dug back thru the trevor brown archives and picked out some favourite photos:

“fan art” – one of these cropping up on twitter today – the synchronicity prompting me to do this blog post:

the original painting in her new home in england – the painting was slow to sell actually – some several years later? – the buyer corresponded with olga – i was no longer that much in contact but could finally send her a modelling paycheque : )

urbangarde showa 90

new urbangarde cd cover revealed – an envisaging of an apocalyptic alternate timeline in which the japanese showa era continued today (emperor showa died in 1989) – a typically awkward temma matsunaga idea to illustrate – usually i avoid commissions! – but gasmasks and polkadots top of the list the image had to include (i’m okay with that) – and i came up with the destroyed diet building (home of the japanese government) idea which i liked – unfortunately when submitted to urbangarde my pencil rough was not liked and rejected! – i decided i’d do the painting regardless – and when they saw the finished painting they loved it!

the cd coming out in two versions (regular and limited?), with different covers, but i was completely burnt out just doing one painting – in fact it’s my sixth urbangarde painting?! – coming up with yet another mind-blowing idea proved beyond me – tho i think the urbangarde logo “black-eye” image not so bad…

the cover painting thoughtfully designed to be folded so that the potentially contentious bit was hidden – but urbangarde actually enlarged that area to use for the “new album” announcement!

the cd comes out in december

exhibition post card

exhibition post cards arrive

the exhibition will have all 27 paintings from the book – plus, with luck, a couple more paintings i’m currently doing (“salome” and “pandora”)

bunkamura gallery november 06 to 15


book layout and design now completed – barring a few corrections, it’s more-or-less ready to go to press i think – “pandora” settled on as the title – such a huge struggle, usually i have the title first! – “baptism” was an alternative choice as it went well with “reincarnation”, the title of etsuko miura’s companion book – it’s up on the japan amazon for pre-order, at the moment, under the provisional title of “st. anatomia’s girls’ school” (haha!)

originally envisaged as an exhibition catalogue with both etsuko and my works, but now seems they have become two completely separate books(?) – “pandora” is however subtitled “a tribute to etsuko miura” – to widely varying degrees really but basically meaning works are a bit more kowai than kawaii this time! – the above painting the most directly “inspired” (ie. directly stolen etsuko motifs!) – it contains 27 new paintings, plus 6 “bonus” paintings (3 urbangarde and 3 unpublished) and a photo of etsuko’s “trevor-chan” doll (inspired by one of my paintings) – also nice “homage” texts by temma matsunaga and yoko hamasaki (re the glaring-back anti-moe stance of trevor brown girls)