th extrArt file.08

new issue of th extrart has a six page feature on nananano’s “trevor cos”; the alice in hollowland works – also featured in this issue is hajime kinoko (red works), kaoru mori, mai tamagawa, yuko fukuse, brandi milne, hinaduki yoruno, hiroyuki takei, ryu kimura, momoko peach …and more

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modern kinbaku techniques

beginner level instruction dvd by hajime kinoko – completely gaijin friendly: region-free dvd and fully subtitled in english – and as a shibari tuition dvd it looks excellent – very detailed and very clear instructions – rope and obliging girlfriend not included – in stock at akatako

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^ beginner level?, yikes!

^ re-subtitled by tb, heh!

of course i wanted it as a nananano fanboy – it’s kinda unusual to see her in this kutesy kawaii chic – i bought at hajime kinoko’s new and all-too-brief red exhibition (ends tomorrow!) – nano arrived at the gallery, just as i was getting it signed, rolling eyes and collapsing into characteristic giggles


a rare trevor brown excursion into the third dimension – this was intended for a nananano cosplay photo of a new tb painting – but she may not do the image because of some other difficult elements (she’s reluctant to cheat by using cg) – whatever, it was fun to make, and i’m reasonably happy with it despite my minimal sculpting abilities – so it may still end up as an objet d’art in itself at our exhibition (october)

red : the book

new hajime kinoko rope art book out today! – a confusingly similar cover to nawanano but this time solely devoted to his highly impressive red rope / white background works – A4 size, 100 pages, full colour photos throughout – some notes on his red exhibition of last year and a photo shoot, all translated into english – and a one page interview, sadly untranslated – ¥3000 in japan, get! – akatako has it on order, as well as stocking other hajime kinoko goods

(oh, nananano’s nipples airbrushed out on the cover – facebook friendly!)

i heart u

a bit too late for valentines day…

behind the scenes pix of nananano’s “trevor cos”

a short film document by horikawa tatsuya here

cute lips! ❤️

photo before cg retouching – finished image currently on show at alice in hollowland exhibition

my web site ten years ago

banner! (another relic of past better days of the internet)

and an inept trevor foray into doll-making

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