tb halloween nurses 2016

the inevitable miss akaneko – i think she was the very first トレコス in japan (that i knew of at least) back in 2013

naovalism on twitter
(the japanese girl thing of scribbling over face i’ve always found disturbing and silly)

liliana / deathsgirl on instagram

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a commercially made custom design – sample, not for sale? – make yourself is better i think, more fun

and, finally, a non-nurse! – this cos based on my “i-nazi” – yukino nagumo

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the opening party

pic courtesy of kurarasystem

it was fun – well, as much fun as a crowd-hating, party-hating shy old artist like me can have – sorry for my usual reticence to those attempting to talk with me

altho many did get suitable dressed up for the occasion, i think there was also much reticence regarding doing this – especially trevor cosplay – ginza isn’t shibuya/harajuku – and nananano has set the bar too high, perfected (and dubbed) the art of “trecos”, intimidating all potential competition

the winner of the “grand prize” was, predictably(?), akaneko-chan – such terrible prejudice! – she’s been a trevor brown fan and a trevor brown favourite for many years – but even nano, who has also cosplayed this now iconic tb cosplay nurse, was awed – discussions re pink nurse sandals shopping ensued – her zigzagged hair parting was the attention to detail deal clincher for me

the other very notable, very surprising and very amazing contender was a perfect interpretation of my “pet goldfish” neko, complete with mini pet goldfish – living proof that guys can be superkawaii too!

nano was attired as yurei and i went as a fake trevor brown while the real trevor brown stayed at home

i suspect many of nananano’s fans strongly disapprove of this “trecos” venture – but of course i am highly flattered by the amount of time and effort she’s devoted to it, not to mention the crazy amount of money – big thank you also to the other “nano team” members: koichi yamaguchi, hori (tatsuya “i hate nano” horikawa) and kyouko oowada – nano’s investment has payed off to the extent a book is now almost inevitable sooner more than later – a few more trecos works will be done

i got to meet stylist/photographer akio namiki/kurarasystem who apparently has all my books and claims he copied my work lots – he’s a good friend of risa doll who also wanted to come to meet me but unfortunately doing a book signing at the same time (the book getting disappointed reviews on amazon – hmm…)

4 paintings sold – 6 left – buy them! – also please buy nano photos – smaller more affordable prints available – nano and i may also be in attendance at the gallery some other days, we’ll tweet when we organise something

trevor brown x 七菜乃 collaboration exhibition

th and “trecos”

found new issue of talking heads, no.68, in the mail box as setting off to span art gallery to set up the exhibition – besides the perfectly timed spread on tb x nano, this “erotic illusion” issue also features kenichi murata and nananano in her own right as photographer

the exhibition looks impressive – many “bonus” works , a display of assorted props and a tastefully arty “trecos shooting – behind the scenes” video – the fun starts 11am tomorrow – a few of my paintings reserved already – opening halloween party 4 to 7pm – a wintry wet and windy day today but tomorrow should be fine, please come!!

trevor brown x 七菜乃 collaboration exhibition

halloween opening party

span art gallery – 4 to 7 o’clock this saturday! – dress up! – the li’l mickey painting being offered as a prize for “best” costume – awarded toward the end of the evening (so stick around if interested) – i’ll also be giving out li’l miss sticky kiss paper dolls (made in 2003 – limited to 999 copies)

play with me! – interactive flash version

facebook have just banned me from posting for 7 days – great timing 🙁 – they are also demanding account verification – the exhibition event page currently removed as well

trevor brown things