a trevor brown / hippie coco collaboration – a do-it-yourself kit for “gaikotsu-chan” – additional tools required: iron, scissors, needle and thread, stuffing, chopstick, patience… – it took me, a total sewing amateur, approx three hours to complete (my one shown below!) – the handmade kits (including some instruction tips in japanese) produced primarily for my current drawing book exhibition – selling at ¥1500 (plus tax) – “limited” to 20 – but more may be made at a later date…?

trevor brown january sale starts tomorrow!!

opens 12.00 at parabolica-bis – i’ll be there at the start (tho probably not all day) – 42 drawings and 13 paintings (4 in window display not prepared yet) – i filled up the mattina gallery space and encroached upon the cafe area wall – drawings are relatively cheap, go early if wanting to buy! (frames included in price) – two book signing days have been allotted, 19 and 25 january, with two sessions each day: 2-3pm and 4-5pm – 30 customers capacity? – see you!

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happy new year!

maruo’s the strange tale of panorama island…

…finally, in english and in my hands – it took four years for this to materialize – which does kinda give some doubt as to the competency of the translation (in the translator’s own words: “It was a very challenging translation project. I got in over my head.”) – but, happily, it’s bigger and better than the japanese version : ) – printing is stronger (lines less skinny) and a couple of panels de-censored (tho this is one of the least perverse suehiro maruo books ever despite the blurb re hedonistic decadence?)

kulturtrieb-g vol.05

a th magazine doujinshi (fanzine)? – cover design is almost identical – and it transpires it’s actually put together by the th magazine editor – a medical theme issue including an article on me – i’ve yet to see a copy (thank you to tari nakagawa for scanning the tb pages!) but i suspect inhospitable for non-japanese reading persons – available on amazon japan