this is halloween this is halloween

かゑたん地獄 and テトラ – (see also)

新世紀少女宣言 exhibition opens

i went to sign piles of books this morning – my two urbangarde paintings sold already – someone buy the two skull illusion paintings please! – limited t-shirts on sale (include a post card) – priced at ¥3564 (black) and ¥3240 (creamy yellowish beige) – i guess these may be available via span art gallery mail order eventually?

exhibition closes next wednesday, be quick

japanese erotica in contemporary art

fifty artists, 320 pages, published by pie books (the american amazon link doesn’t appear to be available, yet?) – aimed slightly toward female “readers” (more girlish, less explicit) – “underground art” screams the obi strip – i’m not so sure about that – almost all the artists here are well-established – (and even as the epitome of underground art myself, i’m not exactly sure what it is – unpopular?) – i’m the only non-japanese artist – and almost not included as the book being distributed in america – but, in the end, all the works they got cold feet about have been printed it appears


“a girl’s statement of new century” exhibition at bunkamura gallery – october 8 to 15 – a group show with 20 artists, also involving urbangarde and ali project – i did three new paintings – one of which is a new skull illusion painting, so my previous “teddy bear operation” will also be displayed – trevor brown x urbangarde t-shirts, clear files and post cards are being produced for the exhibition


a new quarterly japanese art magazine, second issue in fact, published by atelier third – similar to “th magazine” except mostly images, mostly colour, a bit slimmer (112 pages) and a bit cheaper (1200yen)