baby art web site renewal

or perhaps a retrograde as it’s sort of returning to how it was in earlier incarnations – there’s been a few people “complaining” about the pruned down site of recent years – in particular the lack of images to freeload on the gallery page – which limits my appeal to potential new fans i’m told – so, despite my arguing people don’t visit websites any more (people don’t realise there’s more internet outside of facebook!) i have gone ahead and redesigned the site making it far more comprehensive – i hope it’s appreciated after so many days work, struggling with css and crap i don’t understand – in fact it’s a bare bones update for the moment as i’m still working on it’s final form…

one-off one-piece

made by shigatsu, partner of musician arai tasuku i met last year – they’re my fans and i’m their fans! – the one-piece made with permission of course – “i want to wear your picture”

a fashion designer also recently asked about printing my art on a dress – she also picked out the “fix-me-doll” nurse to use (idiosyncratic trevor brown image?!) – this will be a slightly more commercial affair – but maybe a limited run of only ten? – i’m not sure of details yet…

i’m always happy to consent to requests like this – a few people have asked about doing personal t-shirts over the years – but i think the only prior precedent was this one-off latex suit made by rogerio alves in 2006 – worn for a french tv interview clip (youtube)

ask me anything

i hate interviews, i hate being asked things, so for some incomprehensible reason i decided to make an “ask trevor anything” blog

it actually stemmed from a post someone made on instagram asking “how can an american artist become popular in japan” – as i was tagged in the post i decided to click the comment button: “i think the same answer to how can an american artist become popular in america? – popularity is generally hideous and not something to aspire to anyway, imho (just look at the accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers here on instagram” – then the very next thing i see on instagram totally corroborated what i just wrote – some “artist” with 90k followers posting an (uncredited) direct copy of one of my paintings generating 4k likes and 160 comments – urgh!, very irritating, especially when finding his “ask me anything” page bitching/bragging about dozens of artists he claimed were copying him! – disbelief!!

me signing up with tumblr wasn’t straighforward of course – i was surprised to find my email already in use – then when trying to log in with it to request a password change i got a “your account is terminated” screen – my memory is very bad but i think ten or fifteen years ago (in the livejournal / myspace era) i did briefly have a tumblr account – which didn’t pass the tumblr fitness test (not enough porn and gore etc which tumblr is a happy playground for today!) – kinda shocking they apparently ban you forever?! – i shot a message to contact support – no answer!! – i never shall know what incredibly heinous crime i allegedly committed to warrant a life sentence – happily i was able to sign up after making a new email

so i now have an ask me anything page – here! – it’ll soon get repetitive and boring (or simply die) i suspect – already within the first half dozen questions there was already two people asking if i’m into scat! : (

yaso skull exhibition : kyoto

the yaso skull exhibition at parabolica-bis (pic above – thx carrie!) ends 8 may – after that it will be travelling on to… well, i’m pretty sure they just stuck a pin in a map of japan – it appears to be a lunchroom in a remote spot, half way up a mountain(?), somewhere near kyoto (pic below) – 13 may to 6 june

会期:2016 年 5月13日[金]~ 6月6日[月]
京都市山科区安朱稲荷山町6 TEL:075-501-1989

gea★ gambaru!

tb girl makes good! – the first book of gea‘s personal and perverse drawings of tormentative little girls published by timeless – i get credited (or accused?) for being her motivation in the acknowledgements – altho, yes, she’s been a good friend for countless years (since the internet began?!), the fact is i do a bare minimum of back-patting for her – i take more of a back seat (devils advocate?) role in encouraging her to work harder to get that all-important thumbs up “like” from trevor brown (for what that is worth!) – i never even offer advice, what a meanie! – so of course it’s good to see her succeed on her own merits, slowly finding her own way and becoming more confident, without being protected under my wing – being known as a “tb girl” is a lousy epitaph!

trevor brown things