hippie coco 妖精会議 

nananano at the mrs trevor brown exhibition at parabolica-bis today : )

the tree below is my favourite

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exhibition start!

no opening party but etsuko and myself were there in the evening – i got to meet ryo yoshida, taga shin and makiko sugawa for the first time – but i was struggling without my wife (she was busy with setting up her own exhibition that starts tomorrow) – signed lots of books and christened my new rubber stamp – practice for the official etsuko and trevor book-signing event on the 14th

i haven’t taken any photos myself yet but it seems that visitors are permitted to take three photos (by permission?) – so many photos are starting to appear on twitter that will inevitably thoroughly document the exhibition – probably spoilers really for those intending to go? – there’s just one painting in the exhibition which isn’t in the book: “salome” (i want to see nananano cosplay!)

trevor and etsuko new books

standard and silver finish special “exhibition edition” of “pandora” side by side – miniature book comes free with the special edition – book title is embossed and laminated – contents are the same for both editions – parcels are on their way to timeless in europe and akatako in america

pandora’s sister book “reincarnation” special edition cover is less dramatically different from the regular edition – but also comes with the cute miniature version – the book includes a little “homage” text to me and other translated texts by ryo yoshida and etsuko miura

halloween cuties 2015

i don’t know the names of any of these girls! – so i’ll credit them by their twitter page – above is bad angel 666 (“i love you since a primary schoolchild!” she tells me) – below is jsslicca

kedizm quality – she was a tb nurse last year

and tetra*desire – who was the other tb nurse from last year! (are they in competition with each other?)

babyakaneko! – quite a few more photos on her twitter (she made the teddy bear bag too) but i think a private account

one more kedizm quality

and halloween wouldn’t be halloween without a trevor brown nurse! – thank you alyce chen

th #64

new issue of talking heads graced by an etsuko miura cover, and much more inside – there’s also a bit on me – lots of nice advertising for the upcoming etsuko miura / trevor brown exhibition!

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