total overfuck

a miguel angel martin exhibition in tokyo at vanilla gallery – i went to the private opening reception today but officially it starts tomorrow – lots to see, lots to buy – i bought the 2016 tokyo souvenir mug : ) – i might actually use this for it’s intended purpose – i.e. a receptacle for my earl grey tea rather than my pencils and paint brushes (like my tama mugs)

altho we go way back (both old acquaintances of william bennett/whitehouse), this was my first meeting with miguel angel martin – very nice to meet him, tho i’m terribly untalkative – he kindly gave me the A5 exhibition “catalogue” – i think the above pic my favourite – makes me want to do a trevor brown painting version!

the world of his comix influenced much by whitehouse, torture pornography, david cronenburg and the color pink! – the above are his most “violent” – these are now collected into a hardback book: “total overfuck” – this is available at the exhibition – only an edition of “psychopathia sexualis” was ever published in english (afaik), all his other books are in spanish or italian, sadly!

a few more favourites from the tb library – i bought all i could get from mondo bizzarro gallery back in 2001

a couple of spreads

keychain – also courtesy of mondo bizzarro – my wife had a pin of the same design (tho smaller) – she’s now lost it of course, grrr!

silkscreen post cards from a box set (which one of my cats peed on!) – despite the nature of the content, his work always very cute – japanese should love? – exhibition ends 3 december, hurry!

“how make-up risa”

risa doll style book number two (the first here ) – again it falls short of what we (or rather i) really want from a risa nakamura book – and filled with almost identical photos – but i’m okay with it, i’m a sucker for sticky red lipstick – the book comes shrinkwrapped together with a box containing a cosmetics pouch, which i felt a tad bad about discarding unopened : /

the dvd of the live action version of maruo’s “shojo tsubaki”, starring risa nakamura in her first acting role (both her parents are actors), is out tomorrow – japanese only i imagine, until some kind(?) weeb pirates it and fan-subs it – there was/is also a book but i didn’t buy, it’s mostly storyboards

trevor brown things