risa doll first style book

a trevor brown fan! – or maybe an ex-trevor brown fan now that she’s grown up and become a lot more famous (i remember when she had like “only” 5k twitter followers, she’s now fast approaching 150k as i write) – i am still her fan, however, and have long awaited a risadoll photobook – and here it is, almost! – this is in fact half a photobook and half a make-up tips (etc) book – but despite being quite girly-girl quite a number of the photos are borderline “fan-service” – so shouldn’t really disappoint anyone – wonder how long to wait now for her “first nude” photobook?, haha! : )

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let’s look at…

…some new art books from timeless editions

mad meg – 30x40cm, 32 pages – insane cross-hatching – those lines of “shading” on the tablecloth below are actually lines of handwritten text! – mad meg website

pink is evil / evil is pink by ciou and malojo – 30x40cm, 32 pages – two artists in a back to back lowbrow art confrontation – ciou websitemolojo website

problem and solution by aleksandra waliszewska – A4 clothbound books, one portrait one landscape, 200 pages each – somewhat disturbing art – first edition of these sold out almost immediately, probably due in no small part to a preface by david tibet? – second edition is apparently bigger’n'better (middle finger to those tibet fans who rushed in to buy the first edition, heheh!) – aleksandra waliszewska tumblr

genki things

package in the post of assorted gifts left with span art gallery during my recent “trajectory [or tragedy?!] of trevor brown” exhibition – thank you loud grape and freaks circus – and especial thanks for the bagful of goodies from genk (sic) aka sweetrubberberry – besides terada katsuya, i think i can detect a trevor brown influence in his works? (…which is cool!)

a sort of low key exhibition – but provided an opportunity to meet up with the model nananano – a fan of my work – tho, needless to say, the idolisation goes both ways – i brought a copy of lilith in the mirror for her to sign – she was playfully reluctant to do so as not her book she feels – we didn’t talk much actually (mutual friend dollhouse noah was acting as interpreter) but nevertheless still managed to “bond” a little – as we parted ways she squealed down the street “kawaii!” after me – huh?! – acutely embarrassing but (dubiously) flattering?


new 5 track urbangarde cd released for their spring tour – two versions with different tb covers and one track different

the cd:

the badge (10cm big):

the i-phone case (old and new size):

the clear file (A4):

the t-shirts (tour dates on back):

besides venues on their tour i don’t yet know where these things are being sold…

ps: just heard these items are exclusively only available at venues and currently no online sales (“so far”)…

“the alice look”

trevor brown at the v&a museum of childhood in london, gosh! – i was fully expecting my inclusion in this to be cancelled (rejected by some stuffy overseer who always has the last say) so i’m very happy my alice is there as promised in all her pantie-flashing glory – the exhibition focuses on alice as a fashion icon and runs until november 1st – go check it out if in london this summer, the museum is well worth a visit

[thank you to christopher lungley for photos]