me immortalised in song

[updated version of an old baby art blog post]

1. long long ago i think whitehouse may have made an unreleased tb-inspired track for an unreleased trevor brown cdrom – of course i’ve now clean forgotten all the circumstances of that

2. momus turned one of his livejournal rants, “fashion goth”, into an mp3 – it contains the line “..i’m not into trevor brown, who makes s&m look kawaii..” – haha! – previously he was singing my praises in an interview before evidently deciding it was more fashionable or whatever to not like me?

3. venetian snares based his “horse and goat” ep around my cover painting

4. from myspace days, a 35 second piano/noise track entitled “trevor brown don’t paint my child” by someone i neglected to save the name of

5. also almost entirely deleted from my memory a band or track titled “trevor brown is a douche” (or cunt or something similarly pleasant?) – from the crystal castles fiasco days needless t’say

6. a handmade cdr of “music for etsuko miura” by gakido contains the track “trevor-chan”, a homage to the doll paying homage to me – the cd released to coincide with the etsuko miura / trevor brown exhibition at bunkamura last month

with the exception of venetian snares, it’s funny that maybe all these never actually sold a single copy!? – the gakido cd is actually quite decent, it seems a more official release forthcoming…?

christmas mini-exhibition

a special trevor brown and etsuko miura bookstore event at sanseido in ikebukuro (tokyo) – i have three pandora paintings on show (“zombie”, “goodnight” and “peroxide”) – the exhibition runs for just five days from 24th to 28th december – on the 28th i must suffer again a book-signing – etsuko and i will be joined on this date by temma of urbangarde signing his new book

(photos below by editions treville)

urbangarde (un)merry xmas

went to see urbangarde’s christmas special show last night – lots of familiar faces in the audience: my publisher, bunkamura gallery boss, yaso/parabolica-bis editor, makiko sugawa… – mrs brown, who claims she’s unimpressed with urbangarde’s music, was merrily singing 昭和九十年十二月 (“december in showa 90”) this morning, their epic 9 minute death concerto – she remembers the tune and lyrics after just hearing once! – photo below is kayoko takayanagi dressing in fine style for the event – she’s a big fan of urbangarde and big fan of my work – and a psychiatric doctor by profession, kinda figures! : )

pandora posters, squeee!

^ child of satan, child of god

^ appleheart

two designs picked by popularity from a poll of 8 designs posted on my facebook a few weeks ago – “child of satan, child of god” the clear leader in fact, to my surprise (satanism is a popular thing nowadays i’m told, at least among facebook folk) – and shocked to see my own favourite contender, “anatomia”, almost bottom in the voting (pie chart below) – oh well, give the public what they want…

50 of each design printed – A2 size (420 x 594mm) – numbered and signed – to be sold almost exclusively via akatako – i’m keeping aside 15 copies of “appleheart” for sale in japan – pre-orders will open very shortly

["salome" is not actually in the pandora book, incidentally]

urbangarde showa 90

new urbangarde cd has at last hit the streets – this is the regular edition, there’s also a limited version including a dvd but without the tb cover

and the obligatory goods include t-shirts, i-phone cases and big badges – don’t ask me how to get hold of these things (i know the i-phone cases are in high demand), i think only available at urbangarde tour venues… – the cd itself should be widely available

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