yaso skull exhibition

went to check out the yaso skull exhibition at parabolica-bis – it’s good – amused to eardrop on fellow visitors – a girl exclaiming “kawaii kawaii” and her totally unimpressed bored-sick boyfriend grumbling “kawaikunai” – pretty typical, only girls are interested in art – what are japanese boys into nowadays, i dunno – maybe the answer lies in the adjacent neighbourhood akihabara (where they can be found in abundance slobbering over silly anime) – a shintaro kago exhibition now showing simultaneously at parabolica – tho i don’t feel excited about his work as much as i used to – the same exploding head idea is getting tiresome…

urbangarde x trevor brown x 9.acryl closet

limited hand printed and dyed t-shirts and scarves – info here

editions treville artworks

my original art now officially available via the editions treville website – along with work by other editions treville artists: etsuko miura and hr giger – i imagine this section will expand in time with more works and other artists – any enquiries are welcome

amano katan resurrection

a new book of katan doll photos by sakichi kataoka – completely different to the treville books (despite the very trevillesque book design!)

tama : fallen princess

went to the tama exhibition at vanilla – wondrous, as always …her work always leaves me feeling awed and envious – tama herself also still as enchanting as ever, maybe several years since i last met her? – new book out and many new self-made items – who cannot resist a mug cup decorated with a girl sawn in half?!