a repost of info from the old baby art news pages (now found under “news archive” on the menu left):

i have a pair of paintings, “arisu kawaii” and “arisu kowai” (cute alice and scary alice), on show at an “alice” theme exhibition at span art gallery in ginza, tokyo: 06 to 15 december – the show includes 26 artists including akira uno, kuniyoshi kaneko, yotsuya simon, takato yamamoto, fuco ueda and suehiro maruo

welcome to the baby art blog!

first post!!! wheeeeeeeeee! – another geek retard with a blog – setting this up has been a pain – this blog “software” sucks – there’s sure to be many more bugs creeping out to deal with – but let’s go for it – big thank you to as always (i’m hacked, deleted and banned from playing elsewhere in the internet!)

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