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three or four years since the last suehiro maruo manga? – this new one based on an edogawa rampo story: panorama-tou kidan / the strange tale of panorama island – three or four weeks since the last shintaro kago? – well, perhaps i’m joking – both these books can be half appreciated for their art – but it’s soooo frustrating not being able to read them – i doubt the “scanlators” will waste much time getting the suehiro maruo book done at least tho… (it’s crazy that there’s relatively little official english translated maruo)

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  1. What’s wrong with having your dear wife read (“translate”) bedtime stories to you in bed? Besides, it’s also the best way to learn a foreign tongue…


  2. where can you buy ORIGINAL art by Maruo? No info on net about this but I imagine some gallery in Japan would represent the dude?

  3. i don’t think maruo has much enthusiasm for selling art – he tends to hoard it – and when it is put on sale it often has ridiculously high price tags – anyway, best gallery to approach is span art

  4. Luckily, I know Spanish. Recently was in Spain and bought “The Strange Story of Panorama Island,” and it is really an excellent story, as well as having excellent art. I also got a bunch of the other ones (Gichi Gichi Kid, Dr. Inuyami, Midori, The Vampire’s Smile, etc.) and am consistently impressed at the quality of both the drawing and the writing. Some American publisher should wise up and just release a Maruo series. Aside from him and Junko Mizuno (and of course Osamu Tezuka), I don’t find many Manga artists that are highly original and creative — most seem bent on producing work just like everyone else’s. Such a wasted opportunity, considering how popular the genre has become.

  5. panorama island is coming out in english next year from last gasp i think – i hope they do more – creation have put out a few maruo books previously, but poor quality (as usual for creation)

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