music : march 2012

  • kap bambino – devotion
  • mariee sioux – gift for the end
  • astra – the black chord
  • ilya monosov – sailor man
  • – – –

  • astra – the weirding
  • emily jane white – victorian america / ode to sentience
  • kuniaki haishima – kowloon’s gate soundtrack
  • osi – fire make thunder
  • vcmg – ssss
  • 7 thoughts on “music : march 2012”

    1. I just saw KB live a few days ago : the set was terrific, and this record is definitly one of the most exciting thing I heard this year : excellent choice Mr Brown !

    2. i’ve been a fan since their neutral ep – this new one’s a bit less epileptic than usual but i like the direction they’re heading – next album they conquer the world!

    3. I”m about to order all the kokosyoku sumire cds. How come Japanese cds are so expensive? Do things in general cost more in Japan? I’m more curious than anything.

    4. I am thrilled that you are into Astra! If you haven’t heard Ancestors, I implore you to check them out. I listen to them alongside Astra quite regularly.

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