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shinjuku kinokuniya foreign floor have rearranged their shelves – and introduced the foreign bookstore comfy chairs thing (personally i don’t see how this exactly encourages sales?) – the happiest (tho maybe short-lived due to lack of interest) result of this for me is a slightly bigger improved comix section with increased stock of fantagraphics and indie books – not as cheap as but at least no three week wait and order cancellation – the joost swarte “(nearly) complete comics” book snapped up on sight – and an obligatory once-over at the books on japan section added another item to my shopping basket – gaijin books are a generally unsatisfying genre (this one a notable exception) – they are either serious, staid and dull or else frivolous otaku culture crap (typically little more than useless out-of-date shop lists written by japanophiles who probably spent no more than two weeks in japan) – “tune in tokyo” looks pretty promising tho – witty and apparently self-obsessed – i’m okay with that – at least it’s unlikely he’ll be bragging with fake modesty about first name friendship with every yakuza boss in japan and simply talking day-to-day nonsense i can relate to

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  1. napalm said on 8 Mar 2012 at 4:47 pm

    The Joost Swarte book is superb .

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