fragile dreams

unlike so many phony artists who ridiculously proclaim their vapid work is “exploring the human condition”, this low budget humble li’l wii game actually does exactly that; and without the pretension – but of course anything poignant and offering the meaning of life comes at a price – you have to endure some interminable ladders and tunnels – and get given the run-around more than once in your pursuit – but despite it’s precariously exasperating flaws, to my mind it shares a certain kinship with other disparate isolationistic/atmospheric gems like metroid prime, lost in shadow and ico – a quirky “game-as-art” (whatever that means) experience?! – similarly with ico it also has slightly lacking basic combat – but i don’t recall “pro” (pfft) reviewers getting pissy about that failing in their sycophantic acclaim of that game, unlike their whiny fussings in regard to this title – anyway, whatever, this has a fair bit of trevor brown appeal: dark/surreal/mysterious, good post-apocalypse story, nice character design, subtle perversity, children’s art and cats everywhere – and includes a whack-a-mole boss battle (haha! – tongue in cheek but i wonder if i’m the only person to notice?!) – didn’t quite find profound enlightenment but have discovered where dark souls stole it’s bonfire idea from! [10hrs30min19sec]


fucking awful according to the “pro”s – dear me, game reviewers truly are the criminal pits of “professional” journalism (they clearly have not read and understood their own ratings and review policy statement) – it’s partly why i persist in these game reviews here even tho no one is reading them – may be equally totally subjective and opinionated but at least totally honest – no trolling for controversy/comments – no backhanding promoters and advertisers to appease – no pulling score numbers out of a hat and spewing self-righteous bollocks – so how is this game REALLY? – it’s fucking awful


xbla puzzle/stealth game – reminiscent of portal tho nothing like it really – and, beware, difficulty ramps up to a controller-smashing level – i hated it as much as i loved it – a non-relaxing game you just want to get to the end of – but always fun warping into humans and exploding them from within (à la cronenburg’s “scanners”) [10hrs26mins06secs <-- i wasted many hours lost backtracking!] gears of war iii

“bring it!!!” – or bring some of it – as mentioned previously, the game is (supposedly) gimped on the japanese console thanks to microsoft meanies – i guess “executions” toned down as i actually couldn’t detect any difference in the general game viscera – also, as previously mentioned (?), this game focuses more on these knuckleheads possessing human emotional qualities – and includes an overly noticeable over-abundance of token females, being in-keeping-ly gears-esque macho (“not afraid of a gurl are you?”) – of course it’s all very spectacular and entertaining – but, imho, not really enough gameplay diversity – best in small doses to avoid boredom – and i’m bewildered by the gears world radio – no apparent microphones, speakers, telephone numbers or anything – merely by pressing two fingers to their temples they’re able to instantly contact anyone! – wi-fi inside their skulls?

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  1. I really dug Fragile Dreams. The detail of the world and the mini-stories that you find by collecting artifacts were great. Also enjoyed the pre-teen boy kiss you get as a reward for playing a horrendous game of tag. I really wished the gameplay wasn’t so bad and tiring, though. Tri-Crescendo know how to make a fun battle system but they really dropped the ball here. Never completed it due to its myriad of flaws, but it has a special place in my heart.

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