11 thoughts on “skull illusion”

  1. the first one is also my all time favourite I have a picture of it since my childhood. Impressive, gothic, female…..; but I do not know who has made it (hope not to embarrass me now ;/ )
    YEP – that is a VERY good new idea to paint! DO IT !!

  2. the first one is “all is vanity”, charles allan gilbert, 1892 (he made one other similar work with a devil face) – the second is “l’amour de pierrot”, artist unknown?, circa 1920 – of course i never knew these facts before researching these pictures

  3. the first one I’ve always loved, the other ones I had never seen. I’m curious to see how your painting turns out. Received Taboo in the mail. Thank You 🙂

  4. I had also grow up with the first one (hum,normal in an ultra catholic familly , vanity is like death ) i’m curious to see your painting ,thank you for Taboo 😉

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