dead dead dead

fab new “hopital brut” from le dernier cri celebrating the mexican day of the dead – which is today! (or yesterday actually as japan is a day into the future) – A5 x 200 plus assorted color pages x 100 artists (and gea) x 200 copies – “sold out” but timeless has it (or taco-che for tokyo-ites)

okay, that’s y’lot, i’m posting nothing more for months and months now – unless you remember how to comment and make it feel less like i’m totally wasting my time : P

7 thoughts on “dead dead dead”

  1. @babypanda I’m not happy with how my drawing looks in it. So if you see it shield your eyes and save me the embarrassment.

  2. i couldn’t find gea’s contribution on first flicking thru! – it’s printed in negative which is a bit unflattering – stare at it for two minutes then look at a blank white wall and you’ll see how it’s supposed to look?! – another bad thing is no page numbers or artist credits (just an unhelpful list of participants) – anyway you must get this book marisol

  3. @ Trevor – Well, if you can post a blog entry about the music you’re listening to, that would be great. I can spend a whole evening just researching the artists in your music related posts. Of course, everything else is good too! Seriously, do all of that FOR ME. Just kidding. Honestly, I do visit this blog a lot but I never comment on anything. I guess I’ll have to justify this site with comments now. Please keep the internet interesting. The new book looks good! I own My Alphabet. Thanks for sharing your work.

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