doll & body in 2010s

i’ve not been to a bookshop for three months (due to my summer hibernation) – kinda excited to see what’s been published in my absence – but of course nothing much new – this was all i found worth picking up – an A5 book/magazine put out by yaso / parabolica bis – i think initially released as a limited edition exclusive for their gallery but now they’ve made a regular bookshop edition too – focuses on the new grotesque school of japanese doll-making headed by tari nakagawa and patron godmother etsuko miura

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  1. It really is a worthy purchase. I was surprised about the ratio of photos to text compared to the usual Yaso magazines. And mostly color too! I particularly like the Midori Hayashi dolls – little babies but extra grotesque and fantastical.

  2. Wow, this magazine looks amazing! The samples look great. I’ve got to order a copy.
    I also wanted to comment on the question you were asking on a different subject on which print you should do next from the Alice book. My pick would be “Queen Alice”.

  3. If Katie is so bashful, let me add a bit of praise for her.

    It is solely due to Katie’s efforts that this Latino and his perverted friends are able to purchase the art of Trevor Brown, Tama, Fuco Ueda and other bizarre & amazing works from the Land of the Rising Sun – and for this we have nothing but praise for her!

    Thanks a million, Katie!

    cheers, s. (on behalf of Ana & Marina).

  4. Thanks for importing some of this great stuff, ordering a copy now. one small gripe though, that Jarboe 7″ with the TB art on one side really isn’t $300 RARE, there’s 5 copies currently up on discogs for less than $70.

  5. Thanks for the link – I’ll definitely look into it.
    Not everything is imported; some items (especially “rare” ones) are on consignment and so I have little control over the pricing. 😉

    TB-sorry to hijack the comment thread!!

  6. I’ll be in Tokyo 26-31 December 2011 and thought of checking out some art doll exhibitions. Do you know if there are any on at that time? Is the Yaso gallery running any exhibitions at that time? If they aren’t, will the shop there still be open?

  7. this site (run by ryo yoshida) generally posts news of the more interesting doll shows – i can’t see anything for the period you are here tho

    yaso closes for new year holiday on 29 dec, which presumably means they are open before then …the shop at least, as they have no exhibition on

    and maria cuore has now closed down sadly

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