the crime of drawing pictures

five men in the uk convicted of making and/or possessing “vile” drawings – the first charges under the “coroners and justice act” (with it’s hidden sub-clause incriminating “disgusting” cartoons) – but i guess there won’t be any sympathy in this case as the defendants were acknowledged paedophiles (three were members of pie. the paedophile information exchange) – interestingly, they were also charged for failure to disclose passwords to encrypted hard drives, which means the police couldn’t break the encryption (and so talk of “tens of thousands of images”)


it appears the nintendo 3ds game “dead or alive – dimensions” has been banned in sweden due to a mode in the game which allows players to take pictures of the characters – the law says that if someone is making an image of a girl under the age of eighteen, even if fictional, in a pornographic situation, that constitutes child pornography – of course there’s no such sexual activity in the game but just the fact the characters are as young as 16 (shock horror) means distributers are refusing to touch it (the police apparently weren’t interested in taking any action)


also in sweden, earlier this year, “nerdy” manga translator, simon lundstrom, was fined for possession of 39 cartoon images of girls whose breasts were too small – the fact that some of these girls had tails and cat’s ears caused a little confusion but nevertheless still deemed child pornography – i just received a letter yesterday from a fellow swede saying “…his ex tried to get him convicted for sexual abuse of their child so she would get full custody, but when that didn’t work out, she tried to convict him for having child pornography…” – an interesting detail not mentioned in any english report on the case i’ve read


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  1. So, the UK finally has a law to nail these PIE guys, which suggests that the group had actually been behaving itself for the past three decades. I’m sure the cops had been eyeing them all this time and would have got them charged with something more serious than drawing pictures if they could.

    The Swedish case is no better, and this coming from a country that still has genuine child pron in it’s national library left over from the liberal 1970s when it was legal to publish it there. The library is obliged by law to keep copies of all things published in the country, even if they conflict with present law!

    Notice how the term “indecent images” is usually now used, which could mean almost anything, including the simplest of sketches, but which is sure to excite the sordid imaginations of the public.

    I wonder where this will end? Will Jake and Dinos Chapman be arrested for “Fuckface”, or are they “proper artists”?

  2. “dead or alive dimensions” now taken off sale in australia too – due to “the ability to look up the skirts of [big-breasted] scantily clad teenage characters” – better ban skipper dolls too?!

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