this book came out a few years ago – a more sanitized cosplay idol type take on bandage fetishism – caused a few ripples around netland at the time – hipster bloggers, who have of course never actually seen a copy, ignorantly/ridiculously proclaiming that this was some new weirdo jap fashion craze (hello boing boing)

old news, sorry, but at least baby art gives you exclusive scans – to be appropriated by tumblr users no doubt (a site i’ve been banned from, needless t’say)

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and re broken doll fashion fallacies (and while i’m being snarky) – the “guro lolita” thing is very much a western invention (by japanophiles) – such a phenomenon barely exists in japan! (i’d be happy to be proved wrong!)

6 thoughts on “kegadoru”

  1. The guro lolita, bottom left I have spoken to her and my friend knows her funny.

    Small world

    Also the class enjoyed a presentation I had about your art, the favorite was the saint sebastianna I belive it is called…

  2. The book on top, do you know where I can order it? Is Kegadoru the actual title? I’ve never heard of guro lolita? Reminds me of zombie lolitas. I like it!
    Thanks again TB!

  3. Does this sort of sport ever get ‘reverse engineered’? I mean, do Japanese kids ever take up the myths and run with them?

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