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i was actually in the bookstore looking to see if the new issue of nihei’s biomega was out yet – it isn’t, but instead i happily found this – which has been out some weeks/months but remained undetected by my radar – i could pretty much cut’n’paste all i wrote about biomega for this book – more crazed apoco-punk-mayhem (written’n’drawn by a woman!) – e-volumes of which, i note, continue to churn out for the spoilt brats who couldn’t give a fxck about real books and having to pay for anything

8 thoughts on “comix fix”

  1. Yeah, how dare I not want to pay ludicrous prices for a 4 chapter compilation and have it sitting god-knows-where for god-knows-how-long.

  2. this series is really beautifully drawn and visually entrancing in action and creative characters!
    with a cute sense of humour too. can’t remember her name but love the girl with the skull mask and the fellow who dotes over her.

    think it’s been out for a while but new to the english realm?

  3. Hum I think this is quite old actually…
    I started to collect the volumes of the italian edition that was unfortunately discontinued after the 5th volume I think.
    Yup it`s very good, I really enjoyed the character design and the fact that the drawing style change every few pages.

  4. Fuck, I love Dorohedoro, and Biomega, too. I gotta admit, I USED to read a lot of illegal scanlations, mostly because the western market was sorely lacking in good, mature titles …

    Viz putting out all these great Ikki series makes me incredibly happy. Now if only someone would publish Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto, my life would be complete ♥ ♥ ♥

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