alice diy pop-up kit

i kinda suspect everyone who’s buying the special edition alice book will consider it too precious to cut up – so, in the interests of science, i attacked my copy with scissors, to see if it is actually possible to construct the pop-up thingy – it took me two days (!) but here are the results! – it IS really tricky and not helped by the unclear instructions …so maybe not something to tackle if you don’t have much confidence – but of course it is satisfying to complete and more exciting than looking at a bunch of abstract shapes printed on sheets of card – needless t’say, use a craft knife not scissors! – and i used doublesided-tape to “glue” it together (provides a less fiddly immediate bond but no slip’n’slide adjustment for error) – also i ran a black marker over the edges, which makes it look neater – mounting the completed construction into the book cover was the most stressful part (it can stick out the bottom when folded flat so mount it high) – finally, there’s a box where you can sign and date your masterpiece when finished : )

5 thoughts on “alice diy pop-up kit”

  1. it’s kinda too bad the pop outs could of came pre done being a special edition and all but the price would have been even higher. Not to metion the production costs. By the way, you did an awesome job!

  2. i just purchased the special edition from timeless. i can’t wait to receive it, i’m rly excited. haven’t been excited in such long time to receive a art book to get inspired from.
    now ima work on getting rest, ur limited edition of rubber doll is completly sold out right? *sad face*

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