alice book update (v)

there’s been a change in design re the special edition – the type is now grey, not pink – the covers have been printed already – minus the title, which has been embossed – they then planned to fill the embossing with a matt pink, matching the spine – but apparently the ink doesn’t stick to the paper (?!?) – and the only ink that will stick is available in just five grotty colours, the best of which being grey – (or, alternatively, the embossing could be left with no colour) – i’m assured it will still look “special” – and perhaps this is no big deal for most people? – but as a fussy artist, personally i feel slightly disappointed – not helped by my grave reservations about the 3D pop-up thing – and the fact i’ve not even been given an opportunity to check the colour proofs of the book!… : (

2 thoughts on “alice book update (v)”

  1. From what I understand the special edition will be without any protective cover? Not a Rubber Doll (but in pink) like covering or Sticky Kiss dust cover? Hope mine will fit in the comic size plastic baggy. Anyways, it still sounds cool to me. I hope the printing is as clear your other books especially Sticky Kiss. Hope you have no problem with the proofs. Looking forward to my copy and to see the 3D sheet. Thanks again.

  2. correction!:
    white is actually available (after i was first told it wasn’t) – so as a second choice to pink, white will probably look okay (better than grey at least)

    my biggest disappointment now, having finally seen the proofs, is that the colours are rather drab…

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