sheidlina trevor cosplay continued…

i had barely posted my last blog entry before sheidlina sent a new tb inspired photo – she’s leaving me breathless – this image so strong i didn’t even recognise it as a “trevor cosplay” at first! – i thought maybe inspired by hajime kinoko – it took me by surprise because she hadn’t said she was doing it – my own painting was of course inspired by kinoko-san

(i think i’ll probably add any future sheidlina trecos to this post)

update 14 jan: “dead flower” by sheidlina / “shrinkwrapped” by me

update 23 jan: “buy my lollipops” – dress by magical ulala – lollipops by friendly sugar

2 thoughts on “sheidlina trevor cosplay continued…”

  1. My fav model and biggest inspiration fav artist Trevor brown combined, this is pure aesthetic.
    I never commented before though but watching your blog for over ten years now and always loved how you put controversial together and make it look aesthetic and deeper things to interpret. I would never have tried on making gory kawaii loli art (sry that sounds so dumb) if I wouldn’t have knewn that there are other artists that do art like that and publish it.
    Thx for making such great eye candy art!

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