sheidlina cosplay (…and some plaaastic)

sheidlina very quickly delivered on her promise – the first (of three?) “trecos” works now done – an amazing job too – i wonder how many of those who were commenting “i almost vomited” etc in regard to my work a day before are now obliviously clicking the “like” button on this? – tho one of the other tb images sheildlina is planning to do maybe will herald the return of disgust

“rubber duck” has amassed 263,988 likes as i write – i’m overwhelmed – feels surreal – i’m not at all accustomed to this being popular thing – i could grow to like it, haha! – tho, of course, it’s not me but sheidlina being “liked” – i’ve perhaps gained a thousand new russian followers – many, i imagine, will drop off when the heat-of-the-moment novelty wears off and i fail to follow back? – easy come easy go – i hope there are at least a few real new trevor brown fans amongst them

i have learned through this that plaaastic is a big fan – which i’m very happy about and again quite surprised by – i’ve followed her for a couple of years (or so?) – love her photos and she’s funny as fxck – similarities in the image below entirely coincidental (images she’s shown that were a bit inspired by me actually look less trevor-brown-ish)

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