tama x tama

today spent trotting round galleries in ginza – first stop was span art for the neojapan aestheticism declaration (part i) exhibition

my seppuku painting flanked by suehiro maruo and ken-ichi murata – it was sold very quickly – in fact there was a “lucky draw” for it apparently – my other painting for part ii of this exhibition (starting next week) already sold too – perhaps one of the unlucky contenders for seppuku decided to take that one instead?

the catalogue, a 130 page hardback book (3500 yen) – i’m a bit unhappy with how my contributions were reproduced (too bright / washed out / weak) but the rest of it looks nice

next stop was the ken-ichi murata exhibition at gallery milieu – his usual beautifully tinted lolita-esque fantasies – one of his favourite models, tama, pictured above at span (in sticky kiss pigtails!)

and another tama exhibiting at vanilla gallery (upstairs from milieu) my final stop

i was lucky enough to go on a day when tama was there herself (up from osaka) – we’ve linked to each other’s home pages for years and swapped a couple of letters earlier this year, so it was very nice to finally meet her – she’s as beautiful as her artwork in person – i bought her latest book collection (above) which she signed for me with a nurse drawing ♥

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  1. I met the second Tama a couple years ago, and yes, she is gorgeous! I’m so happy her art is becoming popular!

    Oh, and I have this strange feeling that your art is really going to take off this year too.

  2. Hello, Trevor. Unfortunately I can’t buy this catalogue in Russia. I wish I can buy it… Can I buy it from you personally? I like it very much… And maybe you may sign it for me) It would be wonderful!)

  3. i have a few copies of the span art book/catalogue – price would be $50 – write to me at baby_art[at]hotmail.com – alice book next may, maybe…

    tama, yes, many of her paintings had sold – she’s still a little unknown so her work is relatively inexpensive at the moment – she is also highly productive (almost everything in the show was new – she could make another book already) …which could be dangerous for maintaining a “supply and demand” balance

  4. i’m sorry we didn’t meet too

    we loved your photos – konomi’s favourite was the girl with skull (above the reception desk) – my favourite was the same girl with toy piano on top of her and legs wide apart

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