the crystal castles fiasco: CASE OVER!

hallelujah. it’s a miracle, there is a god! – crystal castles have redeemed themselves – i’ve been paid off! – the black eyed madonna is now officially and legally theirs, to do with as they please – …at least until maddy herself files a lawsuit, ha ha!

god came in the form of james and paul @ supervision management in london – thank you chaps! – formerly crystal castles’ managers for the uk and europe, they have now apparently taken over world management for the group – which i think we can safely say was thanks to the incompetence of mikey apples (famed for this pointless pantomime act)

they sent a letter, on behalf of the band, extending their apologies for my turbulent and unpleasant dealings with the aforementioned buffoon, a partner in idiocy: andy of lies records and crystal castles myspace, and, to my mind the most contemptible of all: last gang records, who really should have known better but…. bleurgh, i’ll avoid making a rant – i suppose this is business as usual in the music scene – crystal castles were disappointed to hear of how unprofessionally the matter was handled by everyone working for them whilst they were on the road

and naturally, supervision were eager to resolve outstanding issues and start their duties with a clean slate – they wasted no time making a fresh offer to me for compensation and a buyout fee on the now notorious drawing – and, after finalising details, that money was on it’s way to me within 24 hours (!) – no muss no fuss – no stupid insults being thrown at me, no appalling contract to sign

crystal castles now have full rights to the image – and i retain my own reproduction rights on it – tho it’s unlikely i’ll be using it again myself – and of course, not in any way that would conflict with crystal castles interests – crystal castles also take full legal responsibility for their use of the image

(i suspect they’ll want to get t-shirts back on sale fairly promptly as countless dozens of bootlegs have been selling on ebay every month)

so, a happy ending finally

for me it was a matter of principles more than the money itself – maybe i’m old-fashioned in regard to matters of integrity and common decency in this download generation age – but a little courtesy would not go amiss for crystal castles too – they were doing themselves no favours with the “so what, who cares” attitude – it might impress every snotty 17 year old on the block but, as seen, it loses them the respect of more mature music fans and critics – but at last they’ve woken up to the fact this was their mess to clean up – it was pissing on their career more than mine – the negative press was never going to stop

absollution can never be absolute of course – but i think crystal castles have paid the penalty for their indiscretions – let’s move on – i suspect the pitiful www “fuck trevor brown” retard crusade will take longer to wise up – but i hope for a swift return to normalcy now


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the crystal castles fiasco

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  • the crystal castles fiasco: CASE OVER!
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    39 thoughts on “the crystal castles fiasco: CASE OVER!”

    1. fucking FINALLY, from what i understand you had to deal with shitheads in the past like that apples character, but this time you finally get the respect that you deserve, nice!

    2. what they did, their reasonings for it and all the fabricated stories and ludicrous nonsense coming out of their mouths since this blew up… has been LAME! – but my own dealings with the band themselves were not unpleasant – not at all productive but not unpleasant – you need to remember they were fans of my work, there was some sort of respect toward me – so i don’t hate them personally …as much as the other turds involved

      regards their music: i’m indifferent at the moment – i think kap bambino are better

    3. are they STILL stealing samples (and “etc”)? – i’ve heard of no new cases since the lobat and covox affairs – and both lobat and covox were made content by (or fobbed off by) a pep talk from mikey apples – there’s no more axes to grind – look elsewhere for your internet drama fix – i don’t defend what they’ve done but i think “getting over it” is a better path now

    4. Good stuff; glad to hear it!

      I’ve met both James and Paul from Supervision Management on my travels… they’re two of the nicest ‘industry types’ I’ve ever met – glad they sorted this out for you!

    5. happy to hear you got justice.
      but i dont like snotty 17 year olds, i own one of the tee shirts, and as soon as i found out that the artist wasn’t getting anything from it, i stopped wearing it.
      i think you should be careful to not quickly throw us “snotty” 17 year olds in the basket with them.

    6. haha, it’s humorous because I found out about CC from the whole artwork ordeal, their music is alright but I’m glad it’s all done and over with.

    7. Glad you got it all sorted out, i think you were totally in the right, i think the cheek of it was ultimately the fact they were somehow trying to pass the art off as part of their own creativity or hopng it’s brilliance would elevate their own image without paying full credit to where it originated.
      I think the whole episode was a case of a couple of mediocre artists not paying full respect to a far superior creative individual, they were just trying to bite his shit for their own gains. Obviously they came out looking like cunts, and anybody who genuinely disagrees probably isn’t an artist so they wouldn’t understand.

    8. this is certainly not the right place what i’m about to ask… but i was just wondering if this was yours?

      [ cafepress pirates link deleted by tb ]

    9. Im glad this whole fiasco has been solved and delt with. But what do you think of crystal castles denying the art is of Madonna? When they ask if you want to purchase one of their shirts its says black shirt with girl on front.

    10. they’re incapable of ever telling the truth about anything at all – but probably just playing cautious actually – not that it’ll help them any if dear madge does take exception – (as far as i know, the official comment is “no comment” from madonna)

    11. I get into Crystal Castles recenlty, and really liked the band, maybe can call myself a fan, but for sure not like others in older posts . Reading on the internet it was very sad to know about your issues with the band, I know your work since long time ago and liked too. Maybe I came too late to read all about the process but finally I can say i’m glad to read about this had finally a (happy?) ending.

      Greetings from far away.

    12. “(i suspect they’ll want to get t-shirts back on sale fairly promptly as countless dozens of bootlegs have been selling on ebay every month)”

      I suspect the same thing
      keep up the good fight/work

    13. I always felt in my heart that CC would see this through and do the right thing. They have come up in the game way too close to artists (fuck, living in a gallery space basically at one point) to not “get it”. All’s well that ends well.

    14. well, in fact no – it was their new management who did the right thing – crystal castles themselves did nothing – no apology has ever come from them – they still don’t get it

    15. “m9”, that’s not true. I’m a fan of both actually.

      CC should’ve acted differently… That’s fo’ sure. πŸ™‚

      I know of Trevor Brown before having even heard of CC… But I fell in love with Crystal Castles BEFORE realizing they had stolen TB’s Madonna piece.

      I’m not gonna boycot the band for that reason. I don’t support the way they handled it, either.

      I like The Kooks as well. Front man Luke kicked Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner because AT touched his precious guitar… What the ****, of course I don’t think that’s all right, neither!

      Trevor Brown, keep up the good work!!!
      I’m happy that you’re not fighting anymore… I think CC should give you a real apology, tho’…

    16. Managers work for the band, not the other way around.
      CC still suck, and obviously have no spines. Good PR for both sides, however.

    17. if the band acted like they didn’t care, it’s probably because they thought it was strange to be sued for using an image of madonna by someone who was um, y’know, not madonna. it’s not like you created an original character and they stole it. both CC and yourself should be glad madonna hasn’t sued either of you because i reckon she could afford a pretty good lawyer.

    18. yes i’m aware of that – and she’d have way more of a case against cc and their use of her image – read the linked lawyers vindication post

      and i didn’t sue cc by the way – and it is like i created something original and they stole it

    19. I’m extremely late of hearing about this, honestly CC have took a while to grow on me. All this other stuff I’ve read about them kinda blows, not cool, sorry to hear about it. Shame they broke up tho, didn’t really see that coming.

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