10 thoughts on “drawing book – choose one or buy both : )”

  1. how come the timeless edition has 20 something pages? That’s weird. I’m looking forward to getting the Japanese edition.

  2. The Timeless version is about 11″ x 17″ (297mm x 420mm). The Ed. Treville is about 7.6″ x 9.3″ (194mm x 237mm). If the art is reproduced the same size in each, the Treville version will need more pages. And the colours are going to be different in each.

  3. theres four images per page in the timeless edition – and some BIG full page images

    the treville book has an extra 16 page black and white section – tho nothing new, its just to show the work “untreated”

  4. timeless version sound very reasonably priced – no details for editions treville version yet – i requested soft-cover…

  5. I just read an old interview of peter sotos in the seconds magazine book, “.45 Dangerous Minds”. He comes across as well read, he understands himself perfectly and so on. I just bought “Pure Filth”,” Index”, “Lazy” and “Mine”. I was hoping to understand his inner motivations. I don’t know if they’ll come across. I’ve read some of his pieces in various compiliations. Shocking is one word. But I’m used to reading subversive writing and looking at alternative art. I’m hoping to understand where his fantasies originated. He says he wasn’t abused. But he lacks empathy. He realizes he’s causing trouble for himself but doesn’t care. He’s not looking for an audience. He writes for himself and even suggests the buyer not buy his work. But, he says in the long run, he’s met some amazing people and that’s why he writes. I find him fascinating. More interesting than Sade, who I find tedious. I don’t agree with Sotos the majority of the time, but I agree, he has a voice and like everyone should voice their feelings. That is what true freedom of speech is about and I think the world is better off having him voice it. I know you know him well. I would like to hear your opinion. This isn’t for an interview. By the way, I think I’m going to buy the Japanese version of your new book, so I can see the extra pages.

  6. off-topic but peter, yeah, a very charming, funny and lovable guy (despite what william may say?!) – or at least as i remember him – not actually seen him for decades or talked to him for years

    > More interesting than Sade, who I find tedious.

    also i’ve not read any new sotos books for years – partly as they’re so expensive and partly as i started to find them, erm, tedious – tho will agree possibly more interesting than sade – reading sotos can be hard work – sometimes (often?) you really have to decipher what he’s saying – so he’s easily open to misunderstanding (i can relate to him, ha!) – but that’s exactly what makes him so interesting

    as to where his “fantasies” come from, i can’t answer that – ditto anyone asking the same question of me!

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