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tomb raider / the descent / apocalypse now

i’m a big tomb raider fan so a little apprehensive about being betrayed with this “reboot” – but needn’t have feared, it’s quite amazing (mostly) and faithfully tomb raidery (mostly) – it does predictably go overboard on the scripted action qte sequences (with ridiculous explosions aplenty) – but generally a good back-n-forth balance between the gung-ho gun/bow battles and the quiet platforming exploration bits (us old fans love) – sadly the sparse token puzzles are dumbed down affairs – the not so “secret tombs” have big “HERE IT IS!” signs chalked in white with dozens of arrows pointing to the entrance – i was also amused that ALL the doors were jammed and needed to be crowbarred open – and like 10 minutes after peeing her pants over her first murder lara is performing stealth kills without a care in the world – and we learn she’s a pyromaniac! – graphics/environments/atmospherics all stunning – it’s also quite gritty and brutal: the pit of spikes trap of old updated with somewhat more shocking and horrific impalements here – so, yeah, highly enjoyed – i was done at a respectable 92% completion (skipping needle in haystack item searches) – the only thing letting it down for “game of the year” are the flimsy cardboard characters (tho lara herself is truly great thankfully) – and silly story – so the imminent the last of us likely to win those crucial points?

also played list: the cave, black knight sword (gratuitously weird), deathspank (all three played one after the other!), borderlands 1 dlcs (knoxx hugely overrated) – with some dogged persistence finally got into resident evil 6 – in view of the game becoming pretty much a shooter, gameplay consists much too much of running past things to shoot at – then when you do get something to shoot at, weapons do no bloody damage – but dropping to easy solved that and made it “enjoyable” (partially) – and lastly dmc – fan despised because hair wrong color (yes, really!!) – the dick van dyke school of cockney voice-acting turned me right off buying crysis 3 – next up for me god/gears of war

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  1. i watched tons of movies in the 80’s before completely losing interest – apocalypse now always a big favorite – never seen the descent of course but read on a game site the head rising out of water thing was apparently “the most iconic image” from that film – and the whole lara look etc “imitated” from same source – pfft!

  2. Apocalypse Now is amazing, but then Coppola had to ruin it with the redux version. Anyway…might there be a reference of that in your new book since it is war themed?

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