what is “girls war”? (ii)

“what is your concept?”, the gallery showing the work asks – of course in response to this i am expected to spew out a lot of inane garbage artspeak with a lot of long words – so everyone is awed (in their incomprehension) and i am accepted as a real artist – urgh! – i actually find it the most irritating, irrelevant (and ignorant?) question to be continually faced with and refuse to answer (have no answer to?!) – apparently it isn’t enough to paint to make interesting images – it has to be vindicated by lies and nonsense – no “meaning” means no soul means it’s nothing – so be it, my work is paper-thin – i want to be thinner if that means being honest – i paint primarily for myself but naturally also hope to excite or agitate viewers – isn’t that the purpose of art (in regard to the fact that art has no intrinsic purpose!) – defining and imposing a “concept” robs the viewer of his/her own interpretation – effectively rendering it no longer art, to my mind – artists need to stick to dealing with pictures not words propping up their visual deficiencies (so why are you writing this trevor?) – what’s it about?, you tell me! – [the gallery will write their own bullshit : )]

8 thoughts on “what is “girls war”? (ii)”

  1. The best ‘artist’s statement’ I’ve seen was from a photographer of female nudes: “See the pretty girl.”

  2. A typically disingenuous statement from the artist who acts as the very tip of the artistic lance piercing and then subverting the politico-sexual zeitgeist via transgressive and confrontationally seductive imagery with a subtext of dark whimsy.

  3. “Girls War” continues exiled iconoclast Trevor Brown’s examination of the subtextual inuration class, culture, and politics force upon our contemporary concepts of childhood. Girls War also serves as an all-too-timely and souciant exploration of the inate violence of youthful humanity in a world obsessed by the uncontextualized image.”

    (Throw in “Sandy Hook” somewhere and you’re in 600 media outlets, mudder-fucka!)


  4. i guess you just got to play the game. the fucking nitwits that run these art galleries, need to justify the art work with a pretentious written essay that no one understands (not even them) – probably to make the art work feel important so that it can sell?

  5. “The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless.”

    — Oscar Wilde

    (from the preface to “The Picture of Dorian Gray”)

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