zombies courtesy of zombie island of dr ned, call of duty black ops 2 and resident evil 6 – none of which (yet) played : )


another stealth game best enjoyed not played as a stealth game – why punish yourself?, why deprive yourself of all the fun? – given so many delicious options for eliminating the baddies, it’s silly to restrict yourself to boring non-lethal take-downs and fret over “consequences” and getting, omg, “the bad ending” – but it is still at heart an aggravating stealth game i lack patience for – unnerving sirens and insta-deaths and saving every two seconds kills enjoyment – but i liked the story and, when left unhindered, the world is interesting to explore – stylish design – reminded me of myst(!) actually – or a euro comic (“heavy metal” ilk) – the brat gamerz, who don’t know what they’re talking about, whine on re flat textures or whatever, which apparently warranted a bitter orchestrated hate campaign – to whit a user metascore rating of zero, until rectified (tho such petty juvenile metacritic sabotage has now become commonplace for every popular game) – it’s also not the game of the year the critics are tripping over each other to contend (sorry guys, already awarded unreservedly to borderlands 2!)

borderlands 2 : captain scarlett and her pirate’s booty

wot, no mysterons? – plenty of morons ahoy tho – another game (dlc) the petty pc-gamer maxed-out mentality children (who quite probably never even actually play the game) are hating on – because it offers nothing bigger and better, in the way of guns etc, than all the duped and modded crap they already got – “shouldn’t take you more than 2 hours to complete” sneers one sad “critic” (sack him!) – …why do i allow such stupid assholism to bug me? – and then you get those who veto buying it accusing the makers of piece-mealing little bits of extra content that should have been on the original game – in many cases they have a valid point (particularly re dastardly “pre-order incentives” f’rinstance, in which content is actually removed or locked for the standard release) – but such cheapskates can wait for the “game of the year edition” – the fact is, this 10 buck add-on is a fully-fledged ten hour game – and it’s great – i found captain scarlett completely hilarious (yes, okay, it’s the british accent!) where many borderlands characters can tend to slip over the edge from being funny as hell to being annoying as hell – plus it shortcutted the journey to level 50 in a second playthrough of the core game (solo, no cheats, no oranges!) – and made me go buy the first game’s “game of the year edition” for the unplayed dlc stuff – addicted – overdosing

the unfinished swan

i like games that tell you nothing and you must discover the rules of the world yourself – but overall this fell well below my expectations tbh – some good inspired ideas but lack of imagination to do much with them i felt – a handful of novelties spread thin and quickly wearing thin – and much too twee, a kids game

halo 4

was looking for something to play for a week before hitman absolution drops – i was debating either getting this or call of duty black ops 2 (which “shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to complete”) – plumped for this after assessing youtube clips (and coming to my senses?!) – cod-blops does indeed look complete codswallop – i was mostly only interested in the zombies supposed “campaign” anyway – and that looks disappointingly boringly inane (exactly like multiplayer – spazzy running in circles – braindead vs undead) – perhaps i should really start on resident evil 6…? (but awaiting the upcoming “camera field of view” patch on that) – unlike every other gamer, i’m not a halo fanboy – couldn’t care less about the story and multiplayer (needless t’say) – i was just interested in the pretty scenery – and the graphics, which i had very high expectations of, don’t disappoint! – truly exceptional – however, the gameplay, which i expected to be generic, also unfortunately lived up to my expectations – really nothing remotely new and falling way short of the fun robo-annihilation antics of borderlands and binary domain – most guns feel lame and have almost no visible effect until suddenly, after x bullets, enemies merely evaporate (fizzle out) in a most unspectacular and unrewarding manner – a ridiculously (suspiciously) overrated game – at one point along the way our hero (when not talking to his little hentai doll/figure with huge breasts) meets with a ship of fellow intergalactic saviors of planet earth – a female crew member looks at him and after a moment smiles and scoffs: “i thought you’d be taller” – sums it up really – but the graphics are pretty big

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  1. I do love stealth and I did start off stealthy but by the end I was soaked in blood. Even Samuel the Boatman got stabbed in the neck for simply telling me to get off his boat. I took offense to the manner in which he spoke.
    I spent most of the game placing unconscious people in odd places. On top of lamp posts, on top of each other in toilets etc. It amused me to imagine them waking.
    Favorite method of execution. Rat summoning.

  2. for me personally, DISHONORED > BORDERLANDS 2, but i put almost 100 hours into BL2 and i loved every single second of it. much better than the first game and much more fun to play and prettier to look at, on top of having a better story and funnier moments, not to mention a far more grandiose and epic world to explore.

    i had the patience of a saint and i played through all of DISHONORED without killing anyone or getting spotted, but the whole quick save feature is a lot less tedious on a pc than it probably is on a console, so that would probably explain it. anyway, im on my 2nd playthrough now, laying waste to everything…and it is way more fun to kill everything in sight than it is to sneak around.

    btw, trevor, you planning on getting a wii u or are you gonna let that one sail on by?

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