medical fun

a new edition of my “medical fun” book (from 2001) is coming out the end of this month – it’s slightly expanded with the three “fix-me-doll” paintings and the skull “teddy bear operation” – also sports a new cover – the first edition had an aseptic milky white vinyl cover with a slightly puffed up red cross – a limited edition was produced with a fake blood filled cross (and little air bubbles added free of charge) – exactly what the liquid is is a trade secret – i think only two known cases of sleeve mishaps and pink stained books – the manufacturers apparently underquoted for the book cover so it was always known a “reprint” would never happen – and, in any case, the cover came to the attention of the japanese red cross association who weren’t too happy about it – so the new edition has a cloth (bandage texture?) cover – and comes in two flavors – gothic lollic pink and military medic green – one of which (?) is limited

a reprint of “alice” has been in the shops a month or two – exactly the same except a more chocolate black used on the dustwrapper and covered hardback is purple/yellow instead of grey/red

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  1. Slighty expanded, eh? Oh well …. Looks cool though.

    I thought the “fake blood” was actually of TB vintage, donated in the name of art, so legend has it … ; )

    Seriously, my decade old liquid edition is bearing up very well. I did wonder when the vinyl might perish and the red stuff come oozing out ….

  2. Usually you give better warning as too when the pre-orders start, but I’ve been told the limited edition is almost gone. I don’t know if you gave news late october, because my power was out and just came back on a few days ago from the hurricane. I wish you made the pre-orders on for early Dec. Most of my cash went toward gassing my generator,buying canned goods and replacing my frige of bad food and catching up with bills. Some way I’ll get a copy, even for the few new paintings. I have filled in red cross version. Hopefully, the copies will last.

  3. I don’t need to re-buy, I don’t need to re-buy. I’ll keep trying to convince myself but should just give up. You did get me with My Alphabet.

  4. I noticed the taboo disks on akatako. Do you plan to release those works in book form? Is their going to be a reprint of The Antichrist (I’m sure that’s the title). Thanks!

  5. unless another internet stink, like the crystal castles crap, that generates a hundred thousand words, taboo is dead – barely intended ever to be released in the first place

    and der antichrist (german title but english text) was a limited edition (500?) – some of the illos appeared in temple of blasphemy

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