le muscle carabine – état second

impressive large format (30x40cm) art zine as only the french can make – wraparound cover by daisuke ichiba – and 40 pages of pure art by pascal doury, namio harukawa, robert crumb, blanquet, gilles berquet, mimiyo tomozawa, placid and many others – a number of highly detailed works spread across double pages – relatively inexpensive regarding the luxurious size and heavy weight paper – published by united dead artists

6 thoughts on “le muscle carabine – état second”

  1. thanks! I love Mirka Lugosi’s work too, we had too show together along with Blanquet at Arts Factory for my first art show ever, her book looks awesome.
    btw Arts Factory have a great show in Paris now at l’espace Beaurepaire, with a Black & White theme and many artists like Charles Burns, Ludovic Debeurme and Daniel Johnston, etc… I’ll visit during the weekend.

  2. That’s the brilliant second edition ! Incredible .
    Just a regret , Yoshifumi Hayashi is is in the first , not in these one .
    But the zine is incredible , amazing .
    It seems to me Art Factory is the new gallery acivist .

  3. Wow this looks awesome, thanks for sharing Trevor.

    Fuck I want this, but it’s almost $50, maybe next week.

    I really enjoy your blog, I love all the art you share. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. i picked up my copy at taco-che here (i guess imported via daisuke ichiba) – so i didn’t look into postage costs

    and thanks for siding with me re “indie rock semiotics” over at the dc blog, joseph : )
    (the main consensus of opinion seems to be it’s all MY fault for being an ass or a pedo-artist! – whatever, an old topic, i want to forget it now)

  5. Hey Trevor!

    I just saw this at Taco Che on Tuesday too— but I had already spent about 20000 yen on manga at Nakano mall, so I wimped out and skipped that one. I did take a pic of the book for reference though… Thanks for filling in the details so I can hopefully track it down later!

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