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me in manga

surprised to find myself in the latest manga by usamaru furuya: amane gymnasium – a story about a doll maker working towards an exhibition at “vagilla gallery” (vanilla gallery!) alongside “trevor black” (who can that be?) and nananano (by kenichi murata) – a double page spread of the trevor brown room with pastiche tb paintings featured (click to enlarge)

previously suehiro maruo included a drawing of my anatomy doll on the cover of the reissue of “ddt” – tb x sm

and a trevor brown book is featured in both the manga and anime of hunterxhunter – seems i’ve not blogged this before? – many times i hear “feitan reads trevor brown!”

total overfuck

a miguel angel martin exhibition in tokyo at vanilla gallery – i went to the private opening reception today but officially it starts tomorrow – lots to see, lots to buy – i bought the 2016 tokyo souvenir mug : ) – i might actually use this for it’s intended purpose – i.e. a receptacle for my earl grey tea rather than my pencils and paint brushes (like my tama mugs)

altho we go way back (both old acquaintances of william bennett/whitehouse), this was my first meeting with miguel angel martin – very nice to meet him, tho i’m terribly untalkative – he kindly gave me the A5 exhibition “catalogue” – i think the above pic my favourite – makes me want to do a trevor brown painting version!

the world of his comix influenced much by whitehouse, torture pornography, david cronenburg and the color pink! – the above are his most “violent” – these are now collected into a hardback book: “total overfuck” – this is available at the exhibition – only an edition of “psychopathia sexualis” was ever published in english (afaik), all his other books are in spanish or italian, sadly!

a few more favourites from the tb library – i bought all i could get from mondo bizzarro gallery back in 2001

a couple of spreads

keychain – also courtesy of mondo bizzarro – my wife had a pin of the same design (tho smaller) – she’s now lost it of course, grrr!

silkscreen post cards from a box set (which one of my cats peed on!) – despite the nature of the content, his work always very cute – japanese should love? – exhibition ends 3 december, hurry!

keizo miyanishi

an exhibition of keizo miyanishi work now showing at the hakusen gallery in my home town of asagaya (tokyo) – altho they show a lot of manga type stuff this is my first visit to the gallery – they’re located in a small side street just yards from the main shopping thoroughfare – i’ve walked past hundreds of times blindly unaware! – …and i think many people who’d be interested are also blindly unaware of keizo miyanishi’s art – so i’m attempting to rectify that with a little gallery of scans here – a distinctive cross between maruo and bellmer?!

my collection of keizo miyanishi manga – he was most productive in the eighties – very little new art since, he’s now more active as a musician – “esther” perhaps the most recommended book (and most possible to actually be able to find?)

maruo’s the strange tale of panorama island…

…finally, in english and in my hands – it took four years for this to materialize – which does kinda give some doubt as to the competency of the translation (in the translator’s own words: “It was a very challenging translation project. I got in over my head.”) – but, happily, it’s bigger and better than the japanese version : ) – printing is stronger (lines less skinny) and a couple of panels de-censored (tho this is one of the least perverse suehiro maruo books ever despite the blurb re hedonistic decadence?)

recent reading

  • mr swirl : the hunt for christopher paul neil – michael martin
  • found in the amazon kindle cesspit – brief and illiterately writted by someone who knew him (or cribbed it from the documentary on youtube)

  • lost cat – jason
  • one of his best – a shame not in full color – and the art feels looser?

  • ice – anna kavan
  • arty but readable and worth reading – more linear and plotty than expected – kafka-ish (rather than wholly kafkaesque)

  • ban this filth! : letters from the mary whitehouse archive – ben thompson
  • gotta admire mary whitehouse – a true unfatiguable hate-fuelled single-minded anti-establishment revolutionary punk upstart

  • in case we die – danny bland
  • porn store clerk heroin addict and the crazy bitches in his life – a love story of sorts (note heart on cover) – hunter s thompson manic-ness – a good read

  • the walking dead volume 1- robert kirkman
  • crap compared to the video-game which is the reason i read it (i.e. the great game, not for being crap) – not really crap but not particularly piquing my interest to continue reading

  • jam – yahtzee croshaw
  • “I woke up one morning to find that the entire city had been covered in a three-foot layer of man-eating jam” – currently reading – fast-paced apocalypse fun with a flair for hilarious metaphors/similes (as followers of the writer’s game reviews will know)

  • goddamn this war! – jacques tardi and jean-pierre verney
  • just got today – it’s tardi so already know it’s excellent – fantagraphics now seem to be postponing all other tardi releases into eternity : (