halloween opening party

span art gallery – 4 to 7 o’clock this saturday! – dress up! – the li’l mickey painting being offered as a prize for “best” costume – awarded toward the end of the evening (so stick around if interested) – i’ll also be giving out li’l miss sticky kiss paper dolls (made in 2003 – limited to 999 copies)

play with me! – interactive flash version

facebook have just banned me from posting for 7 days – great timing 🙁 – they are also demanding account verification – the exhibition event page currently removed as well

genealogy of the witch

new kenichi murata photo collection – with a sprinkling of some older photos – lots of nananano – and many photos going across a double page – the bigger size is nice but annoying so much of the photos get swallowed up in the “gutter” – splendid anyway, luna-chan is a new favourite model – B5 (approx), 112 pages, ¥3240 (incl. tax)

trevor brown things