trevor brown + etsuko miura

06 ~ 15 november, 2015

exhibition info is now up on the bunkamura website (japanese only) – and a book/catalogue is now in preparation, tho it is still without a title – my idea was “noire nursery” but apparently the word “nursery” isn’t understood by japanese? – 26 new paintings for the book, maybe a few more for the exhibition – my paintings mostly inspired by etsuko’s dolls – a book signing event set for 14 november


the opening of hajime kinoko’s exhibition at jinbocho gallery celebrated by two typhoons going over japan – nevertheless there was a 100 people queuing in the rain, only being let in 5 minutes at a time, to see a bondage performance with nananano – the storms deterred me and i went yesterday instead (second day) – nano finding time in her hectic schedule to meet me – and dollhouse noah (my interpretor!) also coming along to look after me once again – the gallery suitably tied up in red rope and the boyish kinoko-san holding court in a corner making little rope bracelets and headbands for the throngs of visitors – i bought the special kinbaku strap – altho i kinda think it’s more kowai than kawaii: nano looks a misshapen blob! – a nice souvenir anyway

retired to a cafe across the street later – swapped book presents with nano, i received the “nude gahou” gravure (“her signature eerie yet charismatic style shines through in this work of tastefully selective exposure” quote j-list) – noah flipping through nawanano sparked most of the discussion – nano occasionally lapsing into uncontrollable giggles (so cute!) – “thai food is very dangerous” she says wanting to impress with her english – she meant “delicious”! – as i guessed, she’s not really the most predisposed of subjects for hard bondage – she was in great pain and crying for some of the nawanano photos – and finally talked about an “alice” exhibition at vanilla gallery in february we’ve both been invited to – nano planning three more “cos” works based on my contributions


new A4 softcover book featuring nananano and rope and photo by hajime kinoko-san (mr demon mushroom, haha!) – bondage model is perhaps one of the more unexpected facets of the self-proclaimed “speciality model” nananano – she’s so sweet and charming in person – tho i suppose equally charming tied up and naked! – 100 pages, full color photos throughout – the book divided into four sections – red: red rope art project – black: traditional japanese shibari – yellow: relatively conventional idol photos shot in thailand (weakest section of the book) – and green: set in a forest – very nice! – exceptionally nice in fact but i am biased – and just ¥2000

there’s also a dvd directed by hajime kinoko, “insomnia bondage”, which i don’t have yet (i don’t go out during the summer months) – and he has a photo exhibition “red” at jimbocho gallery september 09-13

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freaks circus

another very nice addition to the tb tribute collection – homage dolls by freaks circus currently on display at vanilla gallery (until saturday) – altho i think the thalidomide doll not strictly a homage – they’ve made several “penguins” before so it’s more a characteristic motif of freaks circus dolls (see images from their book below) – if anything, my “stumpy” painting is a homage to them!

complete cos

i can stop fretting, i finally have my own copy! – and sharing (imperfect) scans of it here

as mentioned, we wish to expand this collaboration, hopefully into an exhibition next year – my role in “cos” was easy-peasy – merely agreeing to it, offering a suggestion on presentation, and sending data files – but an exhibition will be a much bigger undertaking, potentially difficult (painting things actually possible to be cos-played! – and painting girls with boobs?!, haha!) – kinda ironic that many artists use models to pose for them and copy the photographs for paintings, whereas i’ll be doing the paintings first which the model then copies for photographs (“fuk da system”!) – hopefully it’ll work out anyway – the cg artist has apparently already enthusiastically signed up for the slave labour – such is the endearing charm of nananano and our love for her