em nishizuka

s/he certainly has a perverse obsession with caterpillars – this is an A5 booklet of 20 cute undersized tama-esque girls cuddling the oversized wiggly grubs – printed on thick paper and inexpensive at ¥500 – i bought while picking up a painting from span art gallery

the artist may have been a (semi-conscious?) influence on my “goodnight” painting – tho this was mainly inspired by one of hippie coco’s bears (holding a fish rather than a penis centipede!)

exhibition end

a photo album added to flickr
and more photos on the facebook event page

the books pandora and reincarnation are already available from timeless in europe and akatako in america – officially released on 24th november in japan – amazon link – or directly from the publisher here (special edition still available)

usual thank yous to everyone who came and bunkamura staff

interested overseas parties are welcome to rummage thru the remains of original paintings – please buy the book and send me inquiries

the book-signing

a big turn-out for yesterday’s book-signing despite the rain – and in fact overall a well-attended and highly-spoken of exhibition – a slightly increased proportion of males this time (ironically temma writes about my increasingly predominant female following in pandora) – etsuko and myself were in competition as to who could make the most mistakes in signing books and writing in recipients names – she won! – thank you to everyone who came (and i’ll single out akaneko again for her customary bag of nurse toys – she knows how to please me) – the real highlight and the centre of attention at the book-signing was actually an amazing cosplay of etsuko’s “violin usagi” by saori (aka kick) – uber-kawaii!

nananano new books

A4 hardback book of photos by ryosuke handa – displays well the beauty of nananano – interesting setting and attire – an idol book, tho i doubt she really wants to be referred to as such : ) – amazon link

“nana nano diary”
A5 softcover book of photos by nananano – mostly taken by a mobile phone rigged to a camera on timer? – and “diary” photos for her blog/instagram/twitter (…facebook promptly delete any account she makes!) – unabashed but also coy and teasing, the nananano charm – amazon link

“nananano – photos by dollhouse noah”
A5 32 page home-made booklet by nano’s close friend doll artist dollhouse noah – edition of 100 – probably inspired by the nananano trevor “cos” booklet but much better quality!

insomnia and inspiration

altho i was kinda impatient to see this hajime kinoko / nananano bondage dvd, “insomnia bondage”, i’ve been slow laying my hands on a copy – in the end nano promised me a copy and gave me at my exhibition opening (along with her new books, i’ll save for another blog) – the two hour dvd split into six vignettes: abandoned factory (nananano winched up ten feet above the ground), bamboo forest in black’n'white, schoolgirl “rape”, white room / red rope (my favourite section but judging by nano’s pained expressions i suspect her least favourite!), abandoned house and sprawling around in mud – sections interspersed by a bandaged and bondaged nano being carted around in a wheelchair – all highly “aesthetic” and artistic – tho perhaps hard to recommend for the casual viewer, shibari fans should be delighted

i’m a big fan of hajime kinoko and made a painting inspired by his art after attending his red exhibition – photo below of the man himself at my exhibition – returning the favour(?), he says he feels inspired by my art to want to make a trevor shibari work!

my painting also inspired by the photo of a twitter friend posted around the same time as “red” – my work quite often comes together like this, two different ideas/things clashed together

interestingly, kinoko-san’s art for the cd cover of a “decora” pop band last month has almost identical face bondage – totally coincidental (we hadn’t, couldn’t have, seen each others work) – i was actually fearing accusations of ripping off madonna’s “rebel heart” cd cover, which i hadn’t seen till after starting my painting…

finally a new work by hajime kinoko – one of a series of three photos in fact – model is nananano