freaks circus

another very nice addition to the tb tribute collection – homage dolls by freaks circus currently on display at vanilla gallery (until saturday) – altho i think the thalidomide doll not strictly a homage – they’ve made several “penguins” before so it’s more a characteristic motif of freaks circus dolls (see images from their book below) – if anything, my “stumpy” painting is a homage to them!

complete cos

i can stop fretting, i finally have my own copy! – and sharing (imperfect) scans of it here

as mentioned, we wish to expand this collaboration, hopefully into an exhibition next year – my role in “cos” was easy-peasy – merely agreeing to it, offering a suggestion on presentation, and sending data files – but an exhibition will be a much bigger undertaking, potentially difficult (painting things actually possible to be cos-played! – and painting girls with boobs?!, haha!) – kinda ironic that many artists use models to pose for them and copy the photographs for paintings, whereas i’ll be doing the paintings first which the model then copies for photographs (“fuk da system”!) – hopefully it’ll work out anyway – the cg artist has apparently already enthusiastically signed up for the slave labour – such is the endearing charm of nananano and our love for her

nananano at fetifes

i’m pleased to report that the trevor x nananano “cos” booklet sold out (more or less) at fetifes – just four of the 90 copies printed remained at the end of the day – of course this is not such good news for trevor brown fans in the western world (or even those in japan unable to attend the event) – but i’ve yet to see the booklet myself too – a large proportion of the purchasers uploaded photos onto twitter to torment us – it seems the booklet came with a bonus photo post card, design of the customer’s choice (while stocks lasted) – i think it sold for ¥3000, kinda expensive?

nananano’s blog

and the blog of the cg artist, who really deserves most of the credit for the “cos” images – some big jpegs here!

the styx

flier for a freaks circus and friends exhibition at vanilla gallery – i have three paintings in this

tsutomu kawakami at vanilla

death and transfiguration exhibition, last day tomorrow! – morbidly beautiful works!

slightly inconsequential but my wife was brooding over “grotesque” art the other day – saying that it requires a young mind and a lot of power – “flowers and dolphins” are enough for her obaasan mindset nowadays – trevor (ojiisan!) is “sugoi” she proclaims – hmm?, not really!, i think i expend the least amount of energy and effort making art…