sheidlina trevor cosplay continued…

i had barely posted my last blog entry before sheidlina sent a new tb inspired photo – she’s leaving me breathless – this image so strong i didn’t even recognise it as a “trevor cosplay” at first! – i thought maybe inspired by hajime kinoko – it took me by surprise because she hadn’t said she was doing it – my own painting was of course inspired by kinoko-san

(i think i’ll probably add any future sheidlina trecos to this post)

update 14 jan: “dead flower” by sheidlina / “shrinkwrapped” by me

update 23 jan: “buy my lollipops” – dress by magical ulala – lollipops by friendly sugar

sheidlina cosplay (…and some plaaastic)

sheidlina very quickly delivered on her promise – the first (of three?) “trecos” works now done – an amazing job too – i wonder how many of those who were commenting “i almost vomited” etc in regard to my work a day before are now obliviously clicking the “like” button on this? – tho one of the other tb images sheildlina is planning to do maybe will herald the return of disgust

“rubber duck” has amassed 263,988 likes as i write – i’m overwhelmed – feels surreal – i’m not at all accustomed to this being popular thing – i could grow to like it, haha! – tho, of course, it’s not me but sheidlina being “liked” – i’ve perhaps gained a thousand new russian followers – many, i imagine, will drop off when the heat-of-the-moment novelty wears off and i fail to follow back? – easy come easy go – i hope there are at least a few real new trevor brown fans amongst them

i have learned through this that plaaastic is a big fan – which i’m very happy about and again quite surprised by – i’ve followed her for a couple of years (or so?) – love her photos and she’s funny as fxck – similarities in the image below entirely coincidental (images she’s shown that were a bit inspired by me actually look less trevor-brown-ish)

elena sheidlina

maybe my dung beetle new year e-card was actually a good omen – this year has started with suddenly finding myself followed on instagram and twitter by sheidlina, to my great surprise – she’s big on instagram: 1.7m followers (one of them being me!) – yeah i know these numbers are testimony of nothing, there’s total nobodies with over 2m – but just like wikipedia entries, people choose to believe in this crap as measure of worth nowadays?!…

…sorry, went off on a tangent there – sheidlina doesn’t even warrant a wikipedia entry it seems but, whatever, i’m very happy to come into contact with her – she’s a pretty damn cute and popular online poster of photos of herself – and it seems, just as i’m an admirer of hers, she is quite a fan of my work – she posted some (overtly penis filled) examples of my work on her twitter today – inevitably resulting in a number of shocked and disgusted “what is wrong with you?” comments, haha! – so i’m repaying the kindness by posting some of her photos on my blog – she is now keen to do a few “trecos” photos (look out nananano, you have competition!) – watch this space!

happy new year!

“dung beetle” (フンコロガシ) – the japanese for faeces, “unko”, also sorta translates as good luck child – nicely appropriate – i didn’t know that when picking this image for my new year e-card – i hope a good omen : ) – …and i hope nananano isn’t serious about saving up all her unko for a “trecos” (trevor cosplay) version of this!

madaraningen second collection

featuring a dismembered trevor brown “fix-me-doll”! – they’ve started taking reservation orders today – details here – i imagine overseas sales are not possible at the moment due to the exclusive nature of the items – pictured: bow-tie shirt (¥32,800), nurse big t (¥7840) and tights (¥4800) – a “sweat”(shirt?) forthcoming…

trevor brown things