nananano cos works #09

nananano amazes once again

this is one of the three works for the alice in hollowland exhibition – the original photos are printed on block mounted canvases the same size as my paintings – color-matched to obsessive perfection (unlike these jpegs)

i shared these images on facebook yesterday – and, as expected, they were reported for nudity (an anonymous sad and gutless act) – but unexpectedly and happily facebook didn’t agree the pictures violated their community standards – a win for art and nipples! – there’s no rhyme or reason to facebook decisions – supposedly art is perfectly okay but they’ve deleted posts of my paintings before regardless – and the only dialogue/recourse you have is being given a choice of smileys to “rate the experience”

alice in hollowland

starts tomorrow! – a group show at vanilla gallery with hanamushi, genk, shichigoro, nekoshowgun, machigerita, nananano and me – i have six paintings in this, old’n'new – three of which nananano has made cosplay photos of

happy new year!

worst record cover of the year!

top of the list is consumer electronics “dollhouse songs” 12 inch vinyl packaged in “the most heinous, vile, terrible, awful, rubbish record cover” by trevor brown – well, this is according to “josh” on vice magazine – who knows what he’s talking about (he had a subscription to art review once) – he wouldn’t be so stupid as to include a 2012 venetian snares release in this list would he? – would he?!

still awaiting my own copy – not that i have a record player to play it (i should probably be thankful) – but it’s that time of the year for silly lists – and by next year, next week, this will be old already – actually, a cd version will be forthcoming next year i’m told…

sanseido last day

another book-signing survived! – of course most people were queuing for temma – he is very personable and spent 10 minutes quality time talking with every customer – me and etsuko mostly sat twiddling our pens – in fact we were all scribbling in each other’s books regardless! – and i sold a painting (on xmas day) so i could be happy – lighting a bit harsh, photos all overexposed : /